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Natural alternative cures for cancer, natural medicine to cure herpes - Review

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Well, I can’t attest to those cures (saying that upfront people), but I can attest to one bonafied miracle, believe it or not. Free radicals are formed naturally in the body and play an important role in many normal cellular processes. In the past, when I heard those types of testimonies, although I didn’t doubt then, I had no personal relationship with the people who were talking about these miraculous cures, so there was always a natural skepticism.
Donald developed cancer in 2012 and if I recollect it was in the mouth where the lymph glands are and this is, typically, a bad place for cancer because it can spread rapidly to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system. The doctor did say at one of our visits that Donald’s cells showed aggressive tendencies, however, for some reason were not spreading. I believe through prayer and these products that is why when we went back to the doctor to start radiation, they could no longer find the cancer cells. Ardyss LeVive is organic and is thought to neutralize free radicals (responsible for aging).
I just wanted to share a story of recovery and success and that there are many natural cures for many diseases.
There are so many things that naysayers will tell you about alternatives, but believe me when I say, I rather do this than depend on toxins the medical field will give you.
I studied naturopathy when my daughter was a baby with the idea of quitting my accounting profession to become a naturopath. Thanks for sharing Carrie’s story about her husband, that is truly amazing and a great review for what sounds like some fabulous products. Natural medicine does not stress the body so much and seems to me the way to go without destroying our bodies more. We are coming into a new age where natural and alternative things will reverse many diseases.
I love to read stories like that Barbara because I am a true believer in Alternative Medicine and natural remedies.
My interest in Alternative Medicine started when my younger son had eczema on his feet aged just 2. Some years ago I got involved with cancer patients who were doing the Gerson Therapy for cancer which is essentially a detox program.
I love green foods and have tried a few over the years but I have not come across the Ardyss Green 29 that you mention or the Red LeVive for that matter.
I think detoxing is considered an alternative medicine as well, correct me if I’m wrong. I have been considering going back to school for other alternative methods to include in my health coaching business. Colon cancer has been found to be the third most important disease resulting in deaths of people around the world.
Greater celandineGreater celandine is a Chinese traditional herb which can be used by individuals to prevent as well as to cure colon cancer. Increase the consumption of raw vegetables rich in fiberFor fighting against the problems caused by the colon cancer, an individual must increase his intake of raw vegetables which is also rich in fiber. Colon cleansingColon cleansing after every six months using the three day liquid fast method is also effective in the treatment of colon cancer.
GingerGinger or ginger roots can be consumed by individuals to prevent as well as to cure colon cancer.

GarlicGarlic has been used extensively in different cultures of the world mainly for the medicinal properties that it possesses.
Turmeric can not only be used for spicing up the dishes that an individual cooks but also is helpful for the treatment of various diseases including colon cancer.
It also helps build your immune system (this I know for a fact in our family) and increases your energy. Throughout my training as a nurse I saw that, although doctors do some wonderful work, drugs never cure anything. Through the group I met and heard of many who had recovered from cancer by doing the therapy. Colon cancers initially start in the large intestine and gradually spread to the other parts of the body, thereby putting the life of the individual in danger.
This compound found in large quantities in green tea also helps individuals in inhibiting the formation of cancer cells.
This herb not only helps in fighting cancer, but also boosts the immune system of an individual.
That set me off on my journey that ended with me studying nutrition nd several other alternative therapies. I didn’t like the idea of being hospitalized for 5 days and all that it entailed so refused and relied on the detox. Green tea has also found to be very effective in the killing of cancer cells without harming the tissues.
Carrots, potatoes, yams, beans, avocados, guava, kiwi, are useful fruits and vegetables in the flushing out of the cancer causing element in the colon. Recent researches have proved that garlic can also be used for the treatment of colon cancer in many individuals. The oil from the flax seed is rich in proteins and often consumed by individuals for the treatment of various diseases. A simple change in my son’s diet to exclude wheat and dairy products advised by a homeopathic doctor cured the eczema as it has for many others. The processing involved for making green tea helps in retaining the good elements in it and makes it more beneficial for cancer than the black or the oolong teas. Scientists have brought forth facts which clearly show that the herb greater celandine helps in starting the process of apoptosis.
According to research conducted on the herb, ashwagandha helps in the slowing down of the growth of the cancer cells and also inhibits the growth of tumor cells without harming the good cells. These fruits and vegetables should be most preferably consumed in their raw form to derive the maximum benefits from them. The inflammation markers which have been earlier proved in clinical researches as precursors to colon cancer can also be reduced significantly by the consumption of ginger or ginger roots. It is in recent years that the popularity of this herb has increased as a colon cancer treating element.
Stomach pain, weight loss, anemia, narrowing of the stools, blood in stools is the other symptoms of colon cancer.
The green tea leaves are fermented and this helps in the retaining of the catechin polyphenols which are the cancer destroying compounds.
This is a kind of programmed death of the cells and this process helps in the stopping of the cancer cells from further spreading to other parts of the body of a person.

This step will help in the prevention of the formation of colon polyps which later lead to the formation of colon cancer in individuals. Research conducted on individuals who have been given two grams of ginger root supplements daily for one month have shown lessened amount of colon inflammation.
Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric and is responsible for the treatment of the various diseases. Colon cancer can be treated if it is detected in the initial stages with the help of colonoscopies. Using different herbs, the kidney can be cleansed as this will prevent the breakout of a colon cancer. Ginger soothes and heals the digestive tract and hence has been suggested as one of the best home remedies for the treatment of colon cancer. These elements help in maintain the good health of the colon and helps in cleaning the colon from the undigested wastes that remains in the colon and also helps in preventing colon polyps’ formation. Curcumin is an anti-oxidant and helps the human body to clean itself from unwanted elements known as free radicals. These increase the chances of treating the patient quickly and help in eliminating the cancer effectively. About fifty seven percent of the people who consumed green tea have been found to have been cured from colon cancers, which have been detected in the initial stages.
Research has proved that these organo-sulphur compounds in garlic help in the prevention of the formation of colon polyps in the large intestine. These minerals can be effectively utilized by the digestive tract and this is the result why flax seed consumption helps individuals suffering from colon cancer.
A glass of green tea every day can be consumed by an individual for preventing the spreading of colon cancer. The high amount of lignan present in flax seed is also helpful in the prevention and in the treatment of colon cancer. The anti-oxidant quality of curcumin makes it effective in treating these damaging particles.
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Consumption of raw garlic is therefore very helpful in the treatment of colon cancer in individuals. Curcumin helps in the cleaning of the digestive tract from the unwanted food elements and prevents the formation of colon polyps there. For them knowledge of the natural home remedies for the treatment of colon cancer should be known so that they can use them effectively when required. A few strands of garlic can be made into a paste and can be consumed daily for the colon cancer treatment.

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