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My partner has herpes, how to treat herpes at home - Try Out

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That is the first thing you should do: Find out for certain whether or not you have herpes as well.
Assuming you do have herpes and it is the same type as your partner’s then you aren’t really facing any additional risk because the virus is already in your body!
If you aren’t already infected by herpes – don’t worry too much about how things will work out.

Suppressing the herpes virus – By using certain medications such s Valtrex, your partner will be able to effectively suppress the herpes virus on a consistent basis, thus making it much safer in the long run. If you intend to proceed, be sure that you also check out some of the natural treatments for herpes – some of which have proved to have amazing results.
Also don’t forget to check out our review on ultimate herpes protocol, the ultimate guide to remove herpes naturally and completely out of your life.
Not only could they help your partner get rid of herpes, but they may also help to suppress the virus and make it even safer still.

That is how people infected with the herpes virus find that they are able to live relatively normal lives.

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