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Average Director Mind Body Medicine salaries for job postings in Philadelphia, PA are 5% higher than average Director Mind Body Medicine salaries for job postings nationwide. ACEF doesn't seek to denounce traditional methods of treatment, but rather to call attention to the spiritual, emotional and psychosocial baggage acquired along the cancer journey that often goes unattended to by traditional medicine.
Harrington moves through the history of what we call mind-body medicine (an imperfect term, maybe, but useful for the purposes of this book) from its origins in Viennese psychoanalysis to its stronghold in post-WWII America, it’s collapse in the 1970s, and it’s rejuvenation in our own era. Today, it’s not at all unusual for a savvy and educated person to seek out acupuncture or hypnotherapy for a medical condition (such as PCOS, depression, or IBS), but this wasn’t always the case, and Harrington maps out quite skillfully the history of mind-body medicine’s ascension to mainstream acceptance.
The power of mind-body medicine is its acknowledgment of the fact that, while our bodies are susceptible to microbes and viruses and cell mutations, suffering and healing are also informed by feelings, anxieties, and the societies in which we live.

If you’re at all interested in medicine that reaches beyond the normal boundaries of allopathic treatment, and even if you’re not, I recommend this book. And while there are many very reasonable cautions about the newborn behavioural epigenetics, I can’t help but wonder if this might turn out to be one of several possible explanations we could find for the mind-body connection.
But I have gone through a tear of books about medicine lately, for obvious reason, and I’m fairly sure that you all would take great interest in them. The first I’d like to mention is Anne Harrington’s THE CURE WITHIN: A History of Mind-Body Medicine, which I finished a few weeks ago. People are shocked (no, horrified) to hear that in 14 years I’ve made only TWO sick visits to doctors with my son (one for contact dermatitis, so no medicine was prescribed).

Of course, there are legitimate reasons to consult trained professionals, but I think we’ve lost a lot of our intuition and ability to provide adequate self-care (to say nothing of child-care) with the professionalization of medicine. Eventually, I took major steps to make my life better including moving 2000 miles to a warmer climate, changing jobs, and one by one my old lady ailments vanished.

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