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The Mind-Body Medicine Program at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) supports you and your caregivers before, during and after cancer treatment.
Mind-body medicine, an integral part of whole-person care, recognizes the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and behavioral factors can directly affect health. Individual, couples and family counseling: Meet with your mind-body therapist as an individual, couple or family for help with anything on your mind, work through difficult decisions, cope with cancer and how it affects your life and relationships, discover and use your inner strengths and resources, and explore ways to enjoy life while on this journey.
Our mind-body therapists work closely with your entire cancer treatment team and are here to support you in making ongoing care decisions. LiFE Academy qualifications give students the practical tools required to become a competent complementary therapies practitioner.
This module presents the Mind-Body Medicine of Flower Essence Therapy and Colour (Chroma) Therapy through the therapeutic qualities of 88 flowers. A number of dynamic assessment tools are presented in this module, which penetrate beneath the conscious mind to the subconscious patterning beneath. These counselling are presented as an introduction to general counselling, addressing the needs of students studying with the LiFE Academy for qualifications in Certificate IV in Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine.

The anatomy and physiology modules are designed to take students who have no prior knowledge of the human body through to a competent level of understanding. This unit of competency describes the knowledge and skills required to conduct work within the guiding principles and methods of the modality of holistic counselling and mind-body medicine, which combines mind-body science and traditional concepts of health.
This unit covers the knowledge and skills required to conduct a holistic counselling and mind-body medicine health and well-being consultation.
Our licensed mental health and allied professionals offer caring relationships and therapeutic practices and techniques to help you and your caregivers respond to cancer diagnosis and treatment in empowering and stress-minimizing ways in order to improve your health, relationships and overall well-being. Each new patient is scheduled to meet with a mind-body therapist at least once to introduce the services.
In this subconscious layer of mind lie the impression of events on the individual consciousness and attitudes towards the event and any future similar events.
Extensive study is carried out on all of the body systems, including structure and function. A human being is as complex as the universe from which it sprang, to unravel any of its mysteries we must be prepared to look at the great panorama as symbolised by three levels at which all human experience can be measured, the physical, the mind level and the spiritual.

The holistic counselling aspect helps in identifying health and well being goals and which states of mind can enhance or hinder attaining these goals. Students are able to understand questioning techniques which will be used during patient consultation. Also included in this section are Mind-Body Medicines used on Traditional Chinese acu points for common problems such as stress, pain, energy loss, nausea fainting and sleeplessness caused by worry. To answer such questions the Happiness Diary and Archetypal behaviours are studied as therapeutic assessment tools, revealing how happiness goals as a parent, a lover, son, daughter, colleague or individual seeking self-development motivate the behaviours behind the health statistics.

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