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The Good Samaritan Medical Center - Clinic, Hospital, Treatments, Therapies Cancer, Alternative Medicine, Integrative, Holistic, Mexico, Cancer, Clinics, Hospitals, Natural, Dr. A friendly clinic like home with the most effective results in treatments & therapies with over 20 years of experience and, of course; The most competitive and affordable prices in the international Market. In this same article in the San Diego Times-Union, they reported another clinic that was shut down after the Mexican authorities discovered the clinic was not authorized to do surgery, laboratory tests, or diagnostic procedures.

Patient-FocusedWe help others achieve optimal health using non-harmful and natural alternatives to conventional treatments. You must have a free medical consultation with the doctor by phone before being admitted to the clinic.
Garcia is committed to helping others achieve optimal health through complementary and alternative medicine.

The hotel is just 2 blocks from the clinic and will shuttle you back and forth every day you're there.

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