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The new school building designed by UK-based international architects RMJM, will significantly boost the number of highly trained doctors in the country, demonstrating Singapore’s commitment to becoming a world leader in healthcare and biomedical research. The new medical school building named Khoo Teck Puat Building in central Singapore is the first medical facility of its kind in a country which is rapidly ramping up investment in healthcare and biomedical research. An international business destination and one of Asia’s wealthiest countries, Singapore is striving to become a world leader in healthcare and biomedical research.

The building, which achieved Green Mark certification, is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in Singapore’s tropical climate.
In 2000, the country launched the Singapore Biotechnology Initiative, committing S$3 billion over five years to accelerate development in biomedical sciences, offering incentives to attract companies to Singapore and funding research institutes devoted to genomics, nanotechnology, molecular and cell biology and cancer therapies. The company is also completing other major health and research facilities in Singapore with projects currently under construction at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and the acute general care Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Students and faculty can have casual conversations in the comfortable public spaces while also enjoying glimpses and diagonal views throughout the hierarchy of the new open medical school.

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