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I began my journey into Integrative Medicine a few years ago when my son developed recurrent ear infections and asthma and did not respond well to conventional treatments. As a result of an intensive Integrative Medicine educational program and my years of training and education in western medicine, I have opened my own office, Medicine Naturally. I am a Medical Doctor, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and Pediatrics, and I have been practicing medicine and pediatrics for more than 10 years.

I want to share my knowledge and practice the medicine that I believe in and that I use for my own family. Through the use of the proper scientific and natural medical practices and treatments, my patients find that not only do their symptoms resolve, but their overall energy and wellbeing improves. Monica German is a Medical Doctor and a Homeopath, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and Pediatrics, in practice for more than 10 years.

Integrative Medicine merges the practice of both conventional western medicine and complementary and alternative medicine to create treatments that are individualized to each patient’s condition and are developed to activate the body’s natural healing ability.

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