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Dimetapp has a comprehensive and proven range trusted to relieve your family from a broad range of cough, cold & flu and allergy symptoms. Heat the water up in your kettle, then add the remaining ingredients, stirring to mix it up really well. Combine the vinegar and water, and gargle 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture every couple of hours. An onion syrup might not sound appetizing, and I will admit that you will probably not crave this after you cold is over. In the morning, the onion will have released liquid, which mixes with the sugar to create a syrup. The best way to beat cold symptoms is to beat the cold, and raw garlic is full of micronutrients that help your immune system fight those nasty viruses. My name is Ajay from India, I want to testify to the entire world of how i got cured by (DR OJABU FROM AFRICA) healing spell from HIV AIDS.

If you’re struggling with uncomfortable cold symptoms, check out these natural home remedies to help give you some relief!
Since shooting some NyQuil didn’t sound ideal and sleeping for two days was off the table, I found some other ways to handle my sore throat, stuffy nose, and fever chills!
When the mixture is cool enough to handle, gargle with about 1 tablespoon every couple of hours to relieve that sore throat. You can add raw garlic to anything, really, but this toast method was the most palatable to me when I was sick. It’s a little tricky at first, but once the heat from the toast starts melting the Earth Balance, everything should combine and spread easily. Two to four cloves of raw garlic per day for the first couple of days that you’re sick can really help reduce your illness’s duration!
I was in a great pain so I told one of my best friend called Susan who was cured from 7years HERPES desiease; she told me that there is a great spell caster that can cure my HIV.

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He talked to me and he perform the necessary rituals and he told me that after two weeks I should go for a test and Which I did, when the doctor told me that am now an HIV negative, I couldn’t believe myself, I went to see another doctor the result was still the same, I was human on planet earth again, so I emailed him and thanked him.
Less than an hour after that, I was in the ICU and being told if I had waited even one more week, I would've surely died. The doctors tried all there best to save me but it was late and i was on the verge of death when my old friend heard about my plague.

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