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The LIME Network Indigenous Pathways into Medicine Online Resource is designed to help future students determine which university will be the best fit for them as they study to become a doctor. The flow chart below outlines standard and alternative pathways for Indigenous applicants to gain entry into a medical course, depending on level of education and previous work experience.
Alternative entry pathways provide access into medical school for Indigenous students who demonstrate capacity to complete a medical degree, but who may not meet the criteria for standard entry. School leaver provisional entry pathways are offered by universities that have graduate-entry medical courses. Graduate entry courses are bachelor degree or Masters level courses that you can’t enter straight from school. The selection criteria for entry into some medical courses includes undertaking a structured interview, the format of which is asking the same questions in the same order to each candidate. The selection criteria for entry into some medical courses includes undertaking MMIs, a series of brief interviews each with a different interviewer, typically in a timed circuit.

The LIME Network, in partnership with Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) and Te ORA Maori Medical Practitioners Association, have developed these Pathways into Medicine Videos. Back in 1997 I gave a talk at an Exhibition held at Olympia in which I illustrated the two-solitudes of the Orthodox and Complementary Medicine worlds and put forward an Integrated Medicine Healthcare system.
Positive Health PH Online has, over the past two decades, published numerous serious articles exploring a spectrum of alternative cancer treatments. In publishing in Positive Health PH Online authoritative articles and book reviews by leading proponents of numerous alternative cancer treatment approaches, Dr Goodman has demonstrated her passion about the necessity of making available to all people, particularly those with cancer, considerable clinical expertise in areas of Nutrition and Complementary Therapies. Dr Goodman and Mike Howell, her long-term partner, seek individuals with the resources, structural organization and interest to continue and expand the legacy of Positive Health PH Online forward into the 21st century, adding facilities to conduct online seminars, fund raise for alternative cancer research, as well as to promote leading holistic organizations and businesses internationally. They guarantee school leavers a place in the graduate entry medical program on the condition that they first complete a bachelor level degree course at the university and meet specified conditions (such as maintaining a particular grade point average and finishing the degree in the normal minimum time period). Alternative Entry pathways into medicine at some universities do not require candidates to sit this test.

The videos highlight the numerous pathways Indigenous students may take to gain entry into medical degrees, Indigenous student experiences at medical school, the student support systems available within the university setting, and the experiences of Indigenous medical graduates.
She is a member of the Therapy Advisory Panel of the Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Scientific Expert Committee member of the Alliance for Natural Health and a Patron of the Avalon Complementary Medicine Trust in Wells, Somerset.
For medicine in Australia and New Zealand, and depending on the university, this degree can be in any field or must be a specific bachelors degree.

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