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This is attributable to olive leaf’s ability to prevent virus entry into host cells, either by protecting host cell membranes or by having a chemical effect on the HSV-1 envelope.
When using propolis on HSV-infected rats and rabbits, using as little as 5% propolis solution prevented symptoms and eruptions. Also known as cold sores or fever blisters, hsv 1 is very contagious but usually not dangerous or serious.

The HSV-1 virus was reduced by 98% in two hours after applying zinc gluconate to the virus in vitro. 15 mm of either zinc salt deactivated the virus by 98%, and just 5 mm of either zinc salt deactivated HSV-1 by at least 63%. The Journal of Medical Virology published a study in 1989 stating that guinea pigs treated with L-lysine stayed symptom-free, while the untreated control group were symptomatic for three days after all of the guinea pigs were inoculated with HSV-1.

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