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New research published by the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries suggests that 90% of clinicians and other health professionals surveyed believe that stratified medicines will have a positive impact on the UK health system. As part of the UK’s commitment to stratified medicine, the Government’s innovation agency, Innovate UK is creating a new Catapult Centre in Precision Medicine.
As part of President Obama’s 2016 Budget, the investment of $215 into innovation and R&D in stratified medicine to improve patient care and accelerate the development of new treatments. IML is committed to the commercialisation of stratified medicines for optimal clinical and economic benefit. At The Center of Integrated Medicine we challenge the healthcare status quo of today with a functional medicine approach to your health.
The Center of Integrated Medicine also brings these innovative services to Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Fort Myers and St.

Integrated Medicine should truly be an “integration” of the “best of Eastern Medicine with the best of Western Medicine”. At The Center of Integrated Medicine our doctors use Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, integrated with an “Old-School” Functional Western Medical examination and a Whole-Food nutritional philosophy to give our patients “the Best of the East and the Best of the West“ and help our patients recover from illness or injury and then maintain their improved health. The Center of Integrated Medicine is the ONLY clinic in Florida that truly lives up to the name “Integrated”.
At The Center of Integrated Medicine we are always striving for the betterment of our patient’s health and wellbeing. We have only one financial policy at The Center of Integrated Medicine and that is to never allow finances to get in the way of you getting the care you deserve. If you listen to the western medicine as it is practiced today, you will be told that your only options are drugs and surgery.

The best of Eastern Medicine is Acupuncture & Chinese herbs, the best of Western Medicine is “Old-School Functional” Western Organ and Glandular Nutritional Therapy.
We are the only clinic that combines the best of Eastern Medicine using Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, with the best of Western Medicine, also known as Functional Medicine. We seek out new information regarding medicine through continuing education and strive to offer the best services available.

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