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How to remove blackheads, western medicine relies on the use of - How to DIY

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Blackheads are tiny bumps that are formed due to the buildup of excess of sebum oil that is excreted by sebaceous glands and dead skin cells, there by leading to clogged pores.
If you are just not able to get rid of blackheads by any other methods or home remedies, then try this method.
If the bump is covered with skin then it is known as whitehead and if it is exposed to air, the bumps become black, thereby given the name blackheads.

If you thought the best way to remove blackheads was by going through the painful procedure at the beauty salons, then you are wrong. When the clay becomes wet, its molecules become electrically charged and these molecules do an excellent job in removing excess of oils along with impurities that are deposited in the pores.
So when the clay mask is applied on face, the blackheads easily get removed while the essential minerals of the clay get absorbed into the skin.

The sticky nature of the honey will pull out the blackheads as you massage it over your face.

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