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If you get diagnosed with herpes, talk to your doctor about medical-strength treatment options. Initial treatment: after you are diagnosed with herpes, your doctor will prescribe a brief trial (7 to 10 days) of antiviral drugs. As soon as you have been diagnosed with herpes, inform your sexual partners of your infection and recommend that they also get tested. Individuals with herpes can transmit the virus even when there are no visible symptoms or sores. There may be no cure for herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) commonly referred as genital herpes but there is a solution for genital herpes symptoms. If you are one of those who would like a natural genital herpes relief which safely reduces itching, burning, pain, stinging and inflammation you should try Herpeset - Oral and Genital Herpes Relief. In the United States alone, the CDC estimates that a quarter of a million people get new herpes infections every year.[1] Unfortunately, there is yet no cure for herpes. With a sexually transmitted infection like herpes, you don't want to rely on self-diagnosis. Antiviral drugs lessen the number of herpes outbreaks by reducing what's called "viral shedding," or the process by which the virus makes new copies of itself on the skin's surface.[3] Regular use of antiviral drugs also helps lower the risk that you'll pass the herpes simplex virus on to other sexual partners.
Doctors sometimes recommend soaking in warm water to relieve itching, pain, or discomfort associated with herpes outbreaks. Prunella vulgaris and Rozites caperata have both shown some promise in fighting herpes.[6][7] Prunella vulgaris can be used in a hot water treatment to soothe and heal sores, while Rozites caperata may be ingested to help treat sores.

Aloe vera may be beneficial in healing herpes lesions, especially among men.[10] Applying the aloe vera cream to the lesions, and drying thoroughly afterward, may reduce the duration of the outbreak. You may wish to consult a herbalist about the possibility of finding an herbal solution to herpes. Viral shedding of herpes may happen over the entire genital area, making transmission even likelier. It is bad enough to be infected with HSV-2 in the first place, while the outbreaks resulting itchy, painful and burning blisters on the genital area are especially disturbing. Herpeset is all natural homeopathic liquid oral spray which provides relief of multiple symptoms and can be also safely used with other medications without any risk of drug interaction.
On the other hand, herpes can be treated and managed with medication, home care, and simple precautions to prevent outbreaks and transmission. You may find that aluminum acetate (Domeboro) or magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) help relieve the affected area, although these are not doctor-recommended treatments.
Restrictive clothing and synthetic pantyhose, underwear, or pants can aggravate genital herpes symptoms, as these synthetic materials tend not to breathe as well as fabrics like cotton.
In the case of herpes, lysine may help to prevent an outbreak by blocking arginine, which helps in herpes replication.[9] Still, the clinical trials using lysine have been mixed, and scientists believe that lysine is better at preventing an outbreak than treating one.
Staying fit can help you avoid illness and protect your immune system, which may help prevent herpes outbreaks. Keeping your immune system at its full capacity is important for maintaining an outbreak-free lifestyle with herpes.

If conventional genital herpes therapy is not effective or for any other reason not an option you might try alternative treatment of genital herpes.
Unlike other oral genital herpes relief products which have to pass through the digestive tract Herpeset is absorbed directly into the blood vessels under the tongue. Many herbs mentioned in Ayurveda, have been used for thousands of years to soothe the burning, itching and the tingling sensation. Her favorite article she’s worked on has been How to Make Leche Flan, and she’s proud of being a Featured Author.
Its unique blend of 9 ingredients which are recognized by the homeopathic community as effective and safe against multiple symptoms of genital herpes help to relieve the genital herpes symptoms by stimulating the body's own abilities to heal on a natural way.
She loves how everyone in the wikiHow community is so friendly and willing to help and answer questions. A mixture of the aforementioned herbs in equal proportions can be prepared and used in the following manner to help soothe Herpes ulcers and blisters.

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