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How to prevent herpes outbreaks with diet, friction burn or herpes - Plans Download

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Herpes is the popular name for infections brought about by one of the two types of herpes simplex virus. Clinical studies and research have proven that a diet high in lysine helps to control herpes outbreaks.
Once the reproduction of herpes simplex virus is stopped or minimized, it can significantly reduce the duration and frequency of a herpes outbreak. Since you know the best foods for herpes outbreaks, you should also know the foods that may trigger outbreaks and avoid them to have the best chance of controlling herpes. If you feel that your diet doesn’t contain enough lysine, you can take the recommended lysine supplements.
Another well-known supplement used in treating herpes is commonly called curcumin, or turmeric extract. Genital herpes affects the genitals, anal area or buttocks, while oral herpes, also called fever blisters or cold sores affects the face. Lysine is an amino acid that cuts the occurrence, severity, and duration of the frequent herpes outbreak.

Lysine-rich foods also strengthen your immune system to combat and prevent viruses that wreak havoc on your health.
If you have herpes, you can consume foods rich in arginine provided your arginine-lysine ratio is in favor of lysine.
Research has shown that a daily intake of at least 1250 mg of lysine supplements can control herpes outbreaks.
You can avoid the severe symptoms of the virus by choosing the best foods for herpes to manage the outbreaks, and by avoiding foods that encourage or worsen herpes outbreaks.
In a diet for herpes, some foods are known to be beneficial for combating herpes, while others are known to trigger outbreaks. Beans, beets and potatoes are other vegetables rich in lysine that you can include in your diet. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks while you have a herpes outbreak, as caffeine increases your arginine levels.
Acidic foods or those rich in arginine encourage the reproduction of the herpes virus inside the body, resulting in more frequent outbreaks.

A traditional supplement such as cayenne pepper is also sometimes recommended by physicians to fight the herpes virus. Acidic foods are also known to weaken your immune system, making you susceptible to conditions and infections like herpes. Lysine supplements that have minerals, such as bioflavonoids and zinc, as well as vitamins can work miracles to prevent and control herpes.
Physicians often include zinc, vitamin B complex and vitamin C supplements in a herpes diet.
Red marine algae is another great supplement as it helps your immune system fight the herpes virus and prevents its re-occurrence.

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