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How to fight herpes, cures herpes - How to DIY

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Many Herbalists have helped people fight Herpes with natural herbs, healthy diet and products like Silver Shield by Nature Sunshine.
The suggested holistic program for Herpes is:- VS-C- Silver Shield and Silver Shield gel- Immune Stimulator- St. This particular treatment, called T-VEC, is a genetically-engineered version of the herpes simplex virus designed not to cause an active herpes infection, which can be dangerous to cancer patients.
A new treatment for skin cancer could potentially be on the horizon as a team of British scientists have discovered a way to use the genetically modified herpes virus to attack tumor cells in the body.
They used the modified herpes virus to treat patients with advanced melanoma, after which they discovered that the survival rates of the patients significantly improved. Researchers have successfully used a modified herpes virus to treat people suffering from aggressive, inoperable skin cancer.

An international team of researchers has successfully used a modified herpes virus to treat people suffering from aggressive, inoperable skin cancer, the Toronto Sun reported. In the trials held in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and South Africa, scientists used the same herpes virus that causes cold sores, though the agent had been modified to make it harmless to patients -- but lethal to cancer, Britain's Sky News noted.
Others are embarrassed and stressed out from dealing with it and may not even want to ask their natural health care provider if there is anything to fight this virus. The new study, however, is the first one to ever show that the treatment can increase survival rates.
She says all you need to do is feed the body what it needs so it can fight the viruses naturally.
Avoid stressful situations and junk foods, which can cause an outbreak of the herpes virus.

She pointed out how Influenza (the flu) is a virus, but do you hear of people having the flu forever.
The answer is “No.” Many Naturopaths and Holistic Practitioners in the Chicago area and beyond have been helping people fight this virus for years. One powerful product is a technology called Silver Shield, which has had much success with the battle of the Herpes virus.

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