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The likelihood of passing genital herpes to a partner is highest during an outbreak (times when a sore is present).
We suggest the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, an eBook describing how author Melanie Addington stopped her herpes outbreaks for good using all-natural, holistic methods. Positive Singles is a dating site for those with herpes who want romance while avoiding the awkward "herpes talk"!
Many couples have a healthy sex life and still never transmit it to the uninfected partner.

Herpes is more common than many might think, and a lot of people are unaware they are infected and may not even have symptoms to tip them off.
The studies with slightly lower numbers refer to people from 14 to 49, while the higher number studies are based on all people over 12. Fortunately, herpes is highly manageable and people who get it can still have healthy love and sex lives, as the data also shows. Please also keep in mind that these statistics only account for genital herpes caused by the HSV-2 strain!

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