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Until you find an expert doctor or healthcare professional to treat herpes, you can use any of the following Ayurveda home remedies to supress the symptoms. Ayurvedic herpes balm application, usage and benefits – Apply this balm to the affected area.
Take equal quantities of daaruhaldi, shankh ki naabhi, rasot, laakh, gober, gond, eating oil, honey, ghee and milk. 8)  After listing Indian Ayurveda home remedies for herpes now we will discuss some remedies for herpes which are mentioned in ancient Ayurveda texts.

Sixteen adult subjects with a history of recurrent labial and genital herpes attacks used honey to treat one attack, and a commonly prescribed antiviral drug, Acyclovir1 cream, during another.
These Indian home remedies for herpes only control the herpes from spreading but do not provide cure for herpes.
It is a very easy to prepare Indian Ayurveda home remedy for the treatments and cure of herpes (genital, oral and other herpes). Two cases of labial herpes and one case of genital herpes remitted completely with the honey treatment, whereas none remitted while using acyclovir.The best way to use this treatment is to first make sure that you have RAW honey, as it will work far better than regular processed honey.

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