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There are however, different ways of applying this versatile form of medicine, and the four main categories of homeopathy are outlined below.
This original form of homeopathy uses a single remedy, exactly matched to the symptoms of the individual, with a view to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Homeopathy because there are a dozens of possible remedies to choose from for any condition, it requires some skill for self-prescribing. A wide range of health conditions are treated at the ABM health center with homeopathic medicine. An Oriental medicine examination, which includes questioning, examination of the pulse and tongue and observations of the client's physical and expressive characteristics.

Classic homeopathy is thus highly individualized, so that twenty different people treated for arthritis, for example, may need 20 quite different medicines. Relying on the expertise of a homeopathic professional might be the best way to go in complicated situations. Services include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Oriental Medical Message, Muscular Therapy, and Stress Management.
For example, even for cold or flu, there are dozens of effective homeopathic medicines, depending on subtle symptom differences, and the person’s individualized biological and individualized psychological type.
While many of the same remedies are used as in Constitutional homeopathy, they are directed towards the spiritual level.

Dr Asa has 35 years of experience and success using homeopathy to treat the full range of physical and psychological problems that are part of the human condition.

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