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Just like traditional medical treatments, holistic medicine consists of several different techniques or forms: homeopathic, nutritional, energetic, emotional and other naturopathic approaches. Homeopathic medicine in San Antonio, TX, is widely available and mainly deals with remedies made from mineral, animal, and plant substances.
The diverse field of holistic medicine, as well as holistic doctors in San Antonio and other places, look into the complete emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of a person to diagnose the problem.

Created with natural ingredients, homeopathy is an old established method which is once again slowly gaining acceptance as an alternative to traditional medicine. Homeopathic medication is now being more commonly utilized for treating a plethora of diseases.
However, many allopathic doctors feel that treatment of a patient with homeopathic medication has more of a placebo effect rather than actually curing the person.

However, on the other hand, many others believe that homeopathic medicine is extremely effective in its own right.

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