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Missionary programGraduates of the OHI holistic healing program who have a desire to immerse themselves in the healing process and to provide service to others in a God-centered environment may be eligible for the OHI missionary program.
Holistic therapy is often included in discussions of alternative therapies or complementary therapies.
While these treatments became popular buzzwords in the 1980s and 1990s as people looked for alternative ways to treat diseases, the fact is that many alternative therapies have been around for decades. Holistic therapy attempts to assess the entire health of the person, and the goal is often to correct imbalances that are found there. Holistic therapies are often included in packages that provide traditional Western medicine treatments as well. According to the American Holistic Health Association, acupuncture may be helpful in reducing anxiety, irritability and cravings for drugs, and this might make a relapse to use less likely. Biofeedback programs, in which a person is coached to regulate breathing and heart rate through a series of images projected on a monitor, can also have a role to play in addiction treatment programs. Holistic therapies may be helpful for some people as they learn how to regulate their emotions and develop a life that’s free of substance abuse. To find out more about holistic recovery and the way we incorporate these practices into the care we provide at Newport Academy, please contact us directly.

About Newport AcademyNewport Academy is a comprehensive, integrated treatment program for teens suffering from mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues.
A firming, lifting contouring treatment that restores radiance to the skin, leaving the muscles toned.
Relax and unwind with this ancient therapeutic treatment using a blend of pure aromatic oils customized to soothe, de-stress, detoxify and balance your mind, body and spirit!
A calming yet revitalising treatment which stimulates vital energy points to help release stress and tension. Make your choice from a range of one, two and three hour packages or choose your own combination, all can include Yoga, Meditation and any of the Holistic therapies offered. The holistic treatments are meant to compliment, rather than replace, the treatments that are normally provided for the issue at hand.
People who believe in holistic approaches to healthcare and recovery tend to look at addiction in a slightly different way. Holistic therapies may not be proven effective, but on the other hand, they’re not often associated with any negative side effect whatsoever.
While the treatments might not be right for everyone, for some people, they can be incredibly valuable.

In essence, a holistic practitioner believes that addiction is a full-body problem that might have roots within chemistry, memory, emotions and heredity. When researchers are determining the effectiveness of a treatment, they design studies in which some people get the treatment and other people get a placebo.
Holistic treatments may help to support the work the medication is doing, but they certainly can’t replace that medication altogether. These can become important hobbies they can participate in when treatment programs for addiction are over. It’s hard to provide meditation, yoga or acupuncture without the person knowing that those treatments are being provided.

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