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Oil mixed with fragrances, such as lavender, rose, etc., can be extremely successful in promoting a calm and relaxed feeling in cancer patients.
Exercise has always been fruitful for the whole body and helps in dealing with symptoms and pain during and after cancer treatment. It is one of the safest therapies and cancer patients have really benefitted from this therapy in releasing their anxiety and receiving sound sleep at night. Specifically for a cancer patient, yoga helps in releasing stress and is helpful in improving sleeping patterns.
Ayurvedic medicines or natural treatment help to improve quality of life of cancer patients. If you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, you'll want to find the best treatments available.
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) categorizes alternative cancer treatments into four groups: alternative medical systems, mind body methods, nutritional methods, and pharmacologic and biologic treatments. According to NCI, this group of alternative medicine is based on a natural approach to healing that balances the body, mind, and spirit. This type of medicine originated in China thousands of years ago and includes treatments such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, and massage. Ayurvedic Medicine originated in India centuries ago and is used to bring the body, mind, and spirit into harmony with one another, leading to wellness. Herbs, plants, and essential oils play a critical role in Ayurvedic medicine and possibly to treat cancer. NCCAM indicates that homeopathic medicine remains controversial in the United States because preparations often vary in quality and consistency leading to potentially serious side effects. Breast cancer: An exciting in-vitro study in India showed specific homeopathic remedies slowed the rate of multiplication in breast cancer cells -- continued studies are ongoing. Cancer symptoms: The University of Maryland Medical Center's (UMM) website mentions that evidence shows homeopathy may be helpful in treating cancer symptoms, pain and fatigue and upper respiratory disorders.
These types of treatments focus on using the body's natural healing mechanisms to relieve symptoms and are often used in partnership with conventional cancer treatments.
The Hypnosis Motivation Institute's (HMI) website defines hypnosis as, "a state of heightened awareness coupled with a deep sense of physical relaxation while remaining focused on a single idea or series of related ideas." It's believed that hypnosis may help create a sense of control in cancer patients as well as help ease uncomfortable cancer treatment side effects.
HMI mentions that studies show hypnosis helps relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and reduce common post-operative complications in cancer patients such as nausea or vomiting. A National Institutes of Health abstract shows that spirituality and religion are important to advanced cancer patients and improves overall quality of life. There is some evidence showing that certain foods and supplements may not only help reduce the risk of developing cancer but, in some cases, help treat the disease. Supplements are usually taken in pill or liquid form and are used to help boost immunity and improve overall health in order to prevent or fight disease. Melatonin: The American Cancer Society's website states that melatonin has slowed or halted the growth of cancer cells in laboratory studies. NCI lists several alternative pharmaceutical and botanical cancer treatments on its website. High Dose Vitamin C: Lab studies show high vitamin C doses may slow the growth and spread of some cancer cells. Cannabis (Marijuana): Medical marijuana has been used for some time to lessen the discomfort of nausea related to chemotherapy and cancer pain but the herb may be beneficial in other ways as well. Milk Thistle: UMM's website mentions that milk thistle's cancer-fighting benefits come from its content of silymarin which help protect cells, and cites several studies that show milk thistle may be a beneficial herbal cancer medicine. Mistletoe: While most people know mistletoe for its holiday charm, it's also a potential cancer fighting powerhouse. Asian Ginseng: Studies show this plant may reduce the risk of developing cancer and possibly reduce tumor size.

Ginger has long been known for its anti-nausea effects which may help reduce chemotherapy related nausea and vomiting, but recent studies in mice show the herb may also reduce the growth of colon cancer cells -- additional studies are currently ongoing. While any potential cancer treatment is exciting, it's important to note that most alternative remedies are not approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Alternative medicine for cancer uses natural ingredients and gentle methods to restore physical, emotional, and spiritual health. However, before starting with an intensive yoga class, cancer patients should consult their doctors so that painful poses can be avoided and the results are positive. Most people are familiar with conventional cancer treatments like radiation or chemotherapy, but if you're interested in learning about alternative medicine for cancer, there are many options to consider. Alternative cancer treatments are often used to treat the symptoms of cancer or relieve the side effects of cancer treatments. Alternative medicine is used instead of conventional treatments while complementary medicine is used in combination with conventional treatments.
It includes Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathic medicine, and Naturopathic medicine.
According to the National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine (NCCAM), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the theory of yin and yang, the idea of two opposing yet complementary forces at work in the body: qi, the body's life force that needs to be in harmony to maintain good health, and five elements -- fire, wood, earth, metal, and water -- that each correspond with specific tissues and body organs.
The American Cancer Society indicates that although studies do not show acupuncture to cure cancer, it may help relieve cancer symptoms and cancer treatment symptoms such as nausea and pain. According to the American Cancer Society, some Chinese studies show many TCM herbs to be effective against cancer; however, these studies may not reveal the whole picture and more controlled studies are needed to prove their efficacy. According to NCCAM, Ayurvedic medicine is based on the idea that every person has a primary life force, or dosha, that must be in perfect balance to maintain good health. The American Cancer Society states that studies show some Ayurvredic herbs, such as turmeric and garlic, may help treat cancer.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) uses naturopathy to support the immune system and reduce the side effects of cancer treatments such as nausea and fatigue. In addition, HMI believes that patients can strengthen their immune systems and improve their odds of surviving cancer when they envision themselves actively battling and beating the disease.
However, where spirituality may comfort some cancer patients, it may cause stress to others who believe their illness is a form of punishment or they may question the purpose of their suffering.
NCI's website states that studies show the supplement may improve the immune system, protect the heart from the damaging effects of the cancer drug doxorubicin, and help breast cancer patients. Andrew Weil, a leading integrative and alternative health care practitioner, mentions an interesting potential treatment for pancreatic cancer known as the Gonzalez Protocol on his website. In addition, studies show melatonin used alone and in combination with conventional treatment may prolong the survival rates of advanced stage cancers. In addition, vitamin C taken orally may increase quality of life and help ease common cancer symptoms. For example, laboratory studies show silymarin may increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs and have anticancer properties in certain types of cancers.
According to NCCAM, mistletoe has been shown to kill cancer cells and boost the immune system, and the plant is regularly used in Europe as a treatment for cancer.
Each mixture contains ingredients that early studies show may slow the growth of cancer cells and improve overall quality of life and cancer survival rates. If you're interested in alternative cancer treatments, have an open conversation with your doctor to determine the best way to integrate the options into a powerful cancer treatment plan.
Various researchers associated with cancer research are still trying to find a definite cure for this shape shifting disease.
It is a very relaxing technique, helps in removing nausea that resulted after chemotherapy treatment, and at the same time is helpful in releasing cancer-related pains. Many cancer centers provide the course of massage therapy especially for cancer patients as referred to by the doctor on regular basis.

After you have used a treatment for a while, they prevent the treatment from being effective.
Western medicine is no closer to finding a cancer cure, while.We are the leading authority on alternative cancer treatment. Either way, it's important for caregivers and doctors to discuss spiritual beliefs with patients and offer support and coping resources. The therapy requires patients to consume a large amount of and vegetables daily, most of it in the form of raw juice. As a result, it's critical to consult a physician before using any alternative remedy to treat cancer or any other illness.
Although, conventional treatments are available for cancer, but patients in the initial stages of the diseases are advised to follow some alternative therapies which have proved promising in treating cancer and dealing with some of its effects on the body. Cancer patients should not undergo this treatment if their blood count is not at optimum levels or if they are on any blood thinning medications currently. Once you have identified the problem area, for example high blood pressure or extreme sensation of pain, the therapist works with the patient to control this response. Try and make a 30 minutes exercise regimen a part of your daily schedule for every day of the week. Consult an experienced mediation therapist for techniques which will help you in your present stage of treatment.
This site has over 400 articles including complete protocols for advanced cancer patients.You have many choices to make about your cancer treatment.
New hope medical centers outstanding alternative cancer treatments have helped patients get a new lease on life. For example, a National Institutes of Health study on a common TCM herb, Oldenlandia diffusa, shows the herb inhibits the growth of cancer cells and is potentially an anti-cancer substance.
In fact, a study on cancer patients undergoing aromatherapy and massage showed that the therapy offers short term psychological benefits.
Nicholas Gonzalez, uses pancreatic enzymes and dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals, magnesium citrate, animal glandular substances, coffee enemas, and raw fruits and vegetables to battle pancreatic cancers.
It also helps in protecting the cancer patient from expected nausea or vomiting sensation after chemotherapy treatment. It is best to consult a tai chi expert for instruction and the best poses to relieve your present condition. Many people use complementary therapies alongside cancer treatment to help reduce symptoms and improve emotional wellbeing.Alternative cancer treatments are alternative or complementary treatments for cancer that have not been approved by the government agencies responsible for. NCCAM funded a five year study on the Gonzalez Protocol which found survival rates to be higher than those using conventional cancer treatments. While the Gerson Therapy remains controversial and no clinical studies have proven it to be effective, retrospective studies show the therapy to improve cancer survival rates and psychological health.
Make sure that you put your body under the ministrations of an experienced aromatherapy massage practitioner and consult him on the best therapy for your particular symptoms and condition.
Biofeedback is especially helpful in controlling pain responses, blood pressure problems and incontinence in a cancer patient. My husband barry (now cancer free) & i highly recommend new hope to patients and champions alike who are facing this modern day illness.

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