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Brenda's alternative holistic approach to therapy can assist you with balancing your energy, relaxing your mind and body, and working with you to heal your physical and emotional centers. Holistic health practitioner Brenda Goodell offers holistic massage therapy in San Diego, CA.
Brenda Goodell is a skilled holistic massage therapist with the passion and commitment to assist you in meeting your health goals in San Diego, CA.
Her holistic massage therapy addresses your physical needs for recovery and relaxation with bodywork and energy medicine.

Brenda's intuitive, holistic approach uses energy healing to assist the physical body and spiritual mind.
As a master bodyworker with over a decade of professional massage therapy experience and over 1,000 hours of education, Brenda is dedicated to helping men and women of all ages reach their health and relaxation goals. Brenda's holistic approach to therapy combines her use of energy healing and energy medicine to intuitively help you with relaxation and recovery in San Diego.
Flower Essence Counseling is available for holistic and natural healing and is a wonderful alternative medicine to help with areas such as anxiety and stress.

Learn more about all of the holistic health services Brenda offers in San Diego, CA on her services page and make an appointment to work with Brenda today.

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