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We also use Functional Medicine approach to help give support to our patients in New York and Long Island.
Complementary Cancer Care, also called Integrative Holistic Cancer Care, is one of the most exciting interventions we have in the cancer fight. A holistic approach to cancer care may give you the support you need you to turn your life around. If you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment services in the Long Island area, or in New York, please contact us for help. We stay in touch with other Alternative medical doctors that can be found in New York and Long Island. We use holistic and functional medicine approach to manage aging -- look for the root cause and manage the whole body rather than just symptoms.

Kavesteen believes that prevention is the key to longevity and maintaining a healthy heart and life. Holistic doctors treat the body as a whole by exploring all possible methods restore a person’s balance and wellness. It is important to See a Lyme-literate doctor because they have experience in treating not just acute Lyme disease, but chronic Lyme disease and the many co-infections that ticks can transmit. If you do not have a personal physician, you may find one in our physician directory on this Web site, entitled “Meet Our Doctors” or by calling One of our three locations. This may include prescribing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, balancing your mental state, relieving deep stress, detoxifying the body, improving sleep, productivity and sex life — basically whatever your body is craving for, we address holistically. We provide Hormone Replacement Therapy in New York and Long Island and manage any sort of ailment that is caused by a Hormone deficiency or something related.

Also bear in mind that Functional Medicine, Holistic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine are not defined as subspecialties by the American Board of Medical Specialities. Anyone looking for alternative and Holistic medicine may consider coming to us as soon as possible.

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