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If you believe in treating the whole patient rather than just a condition, then consider a truly rewarding career in holistic medicine.
In fact, if you’re interested in a career in health care, then you’re in luck, because it’s a thriving field of expansion and change. The attitudes and expectations of health care consumers are arguably the most significant determinants of holistic medicine’s viability. Throughout the world people are visiting holistic practitioners more frequently and spending more on natural health care services and products. Career Education Re-imagined: Ryerson’s New Model of Holistic Career Development Caroline Konrad, Director, Career Centre and Rachel Barreca, Lead Campus Engagement Consultant, Ryerson University Ryerson is transforming the way our students engage with their career education. Holistic nutrition is becoming a popular alternative to traditional medicine and pharmaceutical practices in the United States. A certificate in holistic nutrition typically requires completing a program and 500 professional nutritionist practice hours. Certificate in Holistic Nutrition: This is a short program designed to be completed in usually 6 months to a year.

You will need to check with state credentialing boards for regulations on the amount of education you need to become a holistic health professional or dietitian. In most states, you must be certified as a registered dietitian in order to practice holistic nutrition.
National Association of Nutrition Professionals: Endorses programs that qualify students to sit for its holistic nutrition national board exam.
Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board of the NANP: A non-profit business league representing and advocating on behalf of holistically trained food and nutrition professionals.
While a bachelor’s degree in holistic nutrition provides a solid background and foundation in holistic concepts and approaches, it is almost always required if you wish to work as a dietitian or nutritionist.
A master’s degree will provide even more advanced understanding and insight into holistic nutritional health. As more and more individuals seek treatments that supplement or prevent the need for conventional, western medicine, the career opportunities in holistic medicine multiply and flourish.
This presentation shares key facets of the Ryerson Career Model, including proactive, thoughtful collaborations with Student Affairs partners and an integrated approach which bases teams both in Faculty and the Career Centre.

Typically, these programs are created for currently practicing professionals and take a more clinical approach to prepare students for advanced health careers. For this reason, holistic and natural health care appeals to many health-conscious individuals. More specifically, the number of adult visits to holistic practitioners rose 46 percent over a recent five-year period. When considering a career in holistic nutrition, you should be aware of the options for education you can pursue.

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