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Holistic approach to herpes virus\u002fdiet, remedies for herpes outbreaks - Review

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With ninety percent of Americans having been exposed to herpes simplex one (HSV-1, typically associated with oral cold sores) and twenty to thirty percent having been exposed to herpes simplex two (HSV-2, typically on the genitals and sexually transmitted), herpes has become quite common.
Herpes poses physical challenges, but there can also be a strong social stigma from the sexual transmission aspect.
The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a holistic healing program developed to erase every last trace of the herpes virus from your body. Please read through my medical option of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol to see if it could help you with your herpes troubles. Just in the year 2014 researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine found that herpes exploits an immune system receptor to boost its infectivity and ability to cause disease.

In his contrarian approach he focused on destroying the virus protective protein coat while raising the level of oxygen in areas the virus hides in. The Erase Herpes treatment eradicates the herpes virus outbreaks naturally and forever using only home remedies and some health supplements that will send people suffering from this condition into full-scale HSV suspension. Addington advises against traditional medication is that they only hide the signs of the herpes infection yet don’t treat the root cause. The risk to catch an HIV infection is 340% than for someone who does not suffer from herpes. Addington has been very innovative in his approach and I’ll be sure to recommend his protocol to my patients.

It is important to understand, however, that just as there is nothing shameful about contracting a virus such as the flu from having physical contact with another person, there is nothing shameful about contracting the herpes virus.
In addition to research, it is advisable to consult with a physician, especially an integrative or holistic physician who is knowledgeable in such natural approaches, as they can easily tell you what will be your best course of action. We should also remember that a person can carry the virus for years with no symptoms, so herpes outbreaks are not necessarily an indication of infidelity in a relationship.

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