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Holistic approach in social work, homeopathic remedies for hemorrhoids - .

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You’re a PR person and a people person, so you aim toward Social Networks and work on getting to 5,000 friends on Facebook.
Back when we wrote a book on Social Media Marketing for Real Estate, we were amazed at how many real estate professionals didn’t get it. About Francisco RosalesFounder and author of SocialMouths and Rock the Inbox - The Ultimate Email Marketing Course.
But if your objective is to be the obvious choice in a certain neighborhood, price range, type of client…THEN building a holistic presence can really start to make sense.

The reason is they’ve gone channel first – and they aren’t Holistic with their Social Media. BUT, Social Media may very well make sense for your business – and for connecting with your target customer. My sense is that it’s a good idea to funnel social media activity to a blog as a energy center of the whole system. The energy is created by creating regular fresh content that can then be discussed in the various Social Media streams.

Let’s bring this all together with one more, final, elegant (if I do say so myself) Holistic Social Media Marketing Mix chart.

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