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Miraculous: Dr Hannah Gay, a paediatric HIV specialist at the University of Mississippi, treated the two-year-old girl who is now 'cured' of the virusDoctors have made a landmark breakthrough in the treatment of HIV after they 'cured' a baby with the virus. Thirty years ago around this time of the year, scientists announced that the probable cause of AIDS had been found. While we now have the tools to begin to end the HIV epidemic, achieving an AIDS-free generation is threatened by a considerable gap between available resources and the amounts needed to scale up high-impact interventions.
Innovative financing options and strategies need to be explored to ensure that the global HIV response is sustained. Lastly, we must eliminate stigma, discrimination and punitive laws and practices that continue to undermine efforts to provide critical services to prevent and treat HIV, especially among vulnerable populations.
State-sanctioned homophobia in many countries remains a formidable barrier to the implementation and uptake of HIV programs. The baby girl had been infected by her mother who was diagnosed as HIV positive during labour. However, several people who have been cured have helped shine a light on how a cure for all could be found. We are one year away from the target date for achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care set forth in the United Nations 2011 Political Declaration on AIDS, and we have a lot of work to do to meet that goal. In addition to saving lives, it has proven to be highly effective at preventing HIV transmission because treatment reduces the chance the virus can spread by 96%.

The quest for a safe and effective vaccine to prevent HIV has seen hopeful signs of progress. And on World AIDS Day last December, President Obama announced $100 million in reprioritized funding over the next three years to launch a new HIV Cure Initiative at the National Institutes of Health. Investing now in these interventions will not only accelerate progress in reducing AIDS-related deaths and new HIV infections, but it will also lower the long-term cost of the HIV response.
UNAIDS supports many countries in developing HIV investment cases, which enable countries to estimate future resource gaps, identify new sources of domestic financing to help close the gaps, and agree on ways to enhance the efficiency and impact of spending. Addressing the unfinished business of ending the pandemic will require the cooperation and full commitment of national government leadership, scientists, civil society, and people living with HIV.
Since then, more than 75 million people have acquired HIV and nearly 35.6 million have died of AIDS-related illnesses.
The case of a Berlin patient, the first person to be cured of HIV, was reported in 2008 and represented a watershed moment in HIV research and a proof of principle that a cure was possible. Of the 35.3 million people living with HIV, nearly two out of three living in developing countries are not on HIV treatment, either because they do not have access or do not know their HIV status.
We must also improve our health systems to support the scale-up of core interventions that we know work, including expanded access to HIV prevention and treatment, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, harm reduction, and voluntary medical male circumcision. As a result, efforts to reduce HIV transmission among vulnerable populations remain insufficient.

The scientific obstacles to a cure have been illuminated, and with a vigorous research effort and sufficient investment, these challenges can be overcome.
The anti-homosexuality laws that have gone into effect in India, Nigeria, Russia and Uganda, for example, could impede their national responses to HIV. Last year, researchers documented the case of the first child to be functionally cured of HIV. Broadly neutralizing antibodies that protect against a wide range of strains of HIV have been discovered.
Studies have clearly shown that criminalizing same-sex sexual behavior poses an immense structural barrier to HIV prevention. In 26 countries, the rate of new HIV infections among young people (ages 15-24) decreased by 50% since 2001.

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