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Herpes Simplex Virus Type (HSV) is a double stranded DNA virus that belongs to Herpesviridae family (Smiley et al.
In order to establish latency, the virus enters sensory neurons, which are non-dividing, and replicates infrequently (Smiley et al. Although the adaptive immune response is present, the virus is occasionally reactivated and when this occurs, it anterogradely travels back to epithelial cells to form herpetic lesions (Spear et al.

Each of these viruses causes different problems, but in this post we are focussing on the Type 1 Herpes Simplex Virus (or Human Herpesvirus 1, HHV-1) which is primarily responsible for oral infections. During reactivation, herpes labialis, the virus migrates from the ganglion back down to the peripheral nerves and then is actively shed via cold sores.
Symptoms include headaches, pyrexia and behavioural changes over several days.SummaryHuman Herpesvirus 1, HHV-1, is responsible for primary and secondary oral infectionsHerpetic gingivostomatitis is the primary infection.

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