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Of those who tested positive for herpes simplex 2, only 6% were aware that they carried the virus. Herpes simplex 2 is also often an asymptomatic infection, though it can appear as blisters and sores around the genitals, rectum or mouth. For the herpes infections, however, they looked at prevalence based on gender, socioeconomic and educational status, age and racial background. The report noted that the Canadian rates for herpes simplex 2 were comparable to those generated by similar studies in the United States, Australia and Britain, though the American and British studies showed slightly higher rates of chlamydia. Trash talk and childish pranks: Canadian study sheds light on the hidden culture of medicineStudents reported that inappropriate behaviour by the doctors doing the teaching often goes unpunished.

Editor's note: No type-specific HSV blood tests are covered by the province in Ontario, according to Darrell Tan.
These findings, the first national set of statistics on genital herpes in Canada, suggest many people are unknowingly passing on the virus to their sexual partners.“An individual may not have overt symptoms, but they’re still a carrier,” said Michelle Rotermann, lead author of the study. The results, which are considered a representative sample of most Canadians in that age group, are based on the study of blood and urine samples taken from roughly 3,250 Canadians. Participants were asked if they had ever been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection and none of those who tested positive for chlamydia reported having received a diagnosis of an STI. There is no cure for herpes, but antiviral treatments can lengthen the time between outbreaks of blisters.

Incomplete information appeared in an earlier version of this story.In a random sampling of thousands of Canadians, nearly 14 per cent tested positive for genital herpes, according to a Statistics Canada report released this week that also found 94 per cent of this group had no previous symptoms and therefore no idea that they were infected. Nevertheless, infected mothers can pass herpes through the birth canal, risking their newborns, and stigma remains because the condition is incurable.
Despite this, most patients are only swabbed by a doctor once an outbreak occurs, rather than undergoing blood tests for antibodies if no symptoms are present.“Testing, especially for something like herpes, may be unfeasible in certain circumstances,” said Alex McKay, research co-ordinator with the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada.

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