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Herpes outbreaks getting worse, is oral herpes contagious l - For Begninners

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Most of us believe that all kinds of herpes are caused by virus because medical books state so. Sometime 35 years ago, I had a friend who suffered from genital herpes, so I recommended him to have PYRO-ENERGEN therapy. Almost the same year, I had an electronics technician who was suffering from genital herpes, too. Our experience with PYRO-ENERGEN therapy shows that there are herpes caused by virus alone.
I came to think that there must be some relation or similar occurrences between asthma and herpes.

Both herpes and asthma patients look fine with no signs of their illness getting worse as long as they are happy without family and financial problems. From these experiences, I tried to seal herpes patients from their financial and family problems when they come for help. Also one of our researchers told us about chickenpox being caused by a herpes virus, which you may have experienced during childhood. All of us have protein and nucleic acid in our body, and an unknown energy forces a change in the cell's chemistry, then toxic virus is produced causing herpes.
No wonder that the herpes virus did not come from anywhere but was staying within your body in a dormant state for decades.

This is the reason that we came to the conclusion that most herpes cases are caused not only by virus but also by bacteria, fungi, pollutants, or other toxic elements.
The other type of herpes may be caused by other than a virus since the PYRO-ENERGEN therapy has no effect at all. Our studies for herpes are still ongoing in order to find out the definite solution and to end herpes problems around the world.

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