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Herpes on face treatment, american journal of alternative medicine - How to DIY

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Itching of the face is a common symptom that every person experience, often on a frequent basis.
Excessive washing of the face, particularly with hot water and harsh soaps can also dry off your facial skin. Treatment would involve proper moisturizing of the skin, avoiding any conditions or products that dry the skin and using sunscreen for adequate protection.
An allergy, or hypersensitivity, may be a result of allergic skin diseases or irritants to the face in a person who otherwise does not have these conditions.
Herpes simplex infection usually appears as a group of small, translucent, burning blisters around the mouth (cold sore).
Herpes zoster infection (shingles) may present with a chronic burning or itchy rash which tends to follow the course of the trigeminal nerve branches. Insect bites can occur on any site on the body and the face is more commonly attacked by mosquitoes and other airborne insets. The treatment of facial itching is largely dependent on the cause and individual treatments have been discussed above. Jessica, pinkish bumps could be hives caused by an allergic reaction to some fabric…Rash strictly limited to one side of the face could be shingles -a reactivation of the varicella zoster virus.

I have had a rash & pimples on my face since I was a teenager, I am now 34 and am from Africa.
For the 2 weeks now, my face appears some patches of redness around the sides of my upper cheeks and my forehead. Most soaps, particularly heavily scented varieties, and facial washes dry out the skin on the face.
In chickenpox (Varicella zoster), measles (Rubeola virus), German measles (Rubella virus), or fifth disease (Parvovirus B19), itchy papules or vesicles appear on the face and trunk. Today we both had a rash on our faces his eyes were swollen and his face is dry, red, patchy and itchy. Treatment is by avoiding triggering substances, moisturizing creams and corticosteroid ointments. A combination of antihistamines with antiseptic, urea and calamine lotions may be sufficient for treatment.
Squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma usually appear as a crust like tumor on the face, eyelids, ears, lips, or scalp.
You may still need further treatment to reduce itching, prevent any secondary bacterial infection and assist with any wound healing.

Treatment may involve the use of anti-inflammatory drugs like acetaminophen to reduce any inflammation and various types of skin applications like calamine lotion, urea creams or just plain emollients. Mild causes can be treated with over-the-counter (OTC) soaps, face washes and other drying and antibacterial agents. For more severe cases, treatment may involve oral contraceptives (females), antibiotics and isotretinoin. I don’t know what to use to cleanse my face or moisturise it or to get rid of the rash. But then, 2 days of applying this cream, My face started feeling hot and itchy in various places on my ears and cheeks. An itchy face usually does not need any specific medical treatment unless it becomes persistent and is associated with a skin rash or other symptoms that indicates a problem.

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