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Oral and genital herpes are the concepts of herpes that are familiar in our society but herpes zoster is a name that we are not quite familiar with. Most of the following methods require application of one or the other kitchen item or natural food on the herpes sores. Ensure that no one else gets infected by touching the affected area or the applicators you use to apply remedies on the sores.1- Ice Cubes or ice packsNumbing the herpes sore or affected area with ice can help pain relief.
Continuous application of ice can be inconvenient therefore intermittent dabbing of the sores can be an effective way to treat herpes with ice packs.One of the simplest but effective ways is to rub ice cubes on the herpes blisters for 5-10 minutes. Make sure that you don't touch the herpes sores by your hands.Other method and perhaps better method is to apply ice packs.

Crush the ice cubes in a thick cotton wrap and dab it on the herpes sores for 5-10 minutes.
Following application method will help.Take some baking soda on a cotton ball and gently spread it over the herpes blisters. Once again be careful to avoid spread of infection by touch while applying the bags.This is particularly very handy when the herpes infection pain is difficult to bear. It soothes the itch of Herpes and improves the skin of the affected area with regular use.It is better to take raw Aloe Vera Gel as compared to the commercial packs.
Extract the gel from the core of a stem and keep it under refrigeration for later use.5- Corn StarchCorn Starch powder is also one the very effective herpes treatment.

Most household kitchens generally have corn starch at home.Application is very similar to the above explained baking Soda.

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