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Apart from all home remedies mentioned above, even lemon balm serves to be the most effective homemade remedy for treating herpes. The virus not just causes herpes but various other diseases as well like chickenpox, cancer and brain infection. The lemon balm has phenolic acid, rosmarinic acid and flavonoids that help to heal the blisters or sores. There are basically two types of herpes- oral herpes which causes cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth.

Last but not least, understanding the fact that outbreaks frequently take place during stress, diseases, fatigue and physical trauma is very important. While in women, the blisters appear on vaginal areas, external genitals, anus, cervix and buttocks. Jojoba, olive, tea tree, calendula, camellia and Vitamin E are known to fight against herpes virus.
Thus, taking good care of yourself both emotionally and physically during these times will help to reduce the outbreaks frequency to a great extent.

Let us now know in detail what actually causes herpes, its common symptoms and how to treat herpes with homemade ways.

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