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Herpes cure study, is herpes 1 contagious to others - How to DIY

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This herb is so powerful, it even works against herpes strains that are resistant to all current medications! Another study states "cells infected with herpes simplex type 1 [cold sores - hsv1] and type 2 [genital herpes - hsv2] that came in contact with ******** stopped growing.
We have invested hundreds of hours performing intensive research to uncover this herbal cure.
For far less than the cost of another doctor visit or refill of a prescription, you can learn to cure yourself.
This treatment cured 49% of the people in the medical study and improved 96% overall, but it did not cure all of them.
Order this report if you have tried everything else and are ready to try a proven herpes cure! These statements are supported by actual studies published in distinguished medical journals. Genocea’s GEN-003 is not a herpes cure but rather a “Therapeutic Vaccination” for the moment.

IAN Frazer's genital herpes vaccine has passed its first big test in human trials, with ­researchers showing the product is safe and appears to ­produce an immune response. In the past two months, new therapies for the prevention and treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-2) have showed some promising results. The technology used to create the world-first cervical cancer vaccine may be developed into a vaccine for the sexually transmitted infection herpes. The compound also worked against strains of herpes already resistant to the antibiotic acyclovir." Again, more medical proof documenting the amazing healing power of this herb! And if you order our report right now, we will also include what could be the most important herbal cure ever discovered. Right now supplies of this herbal herpes cure are available, but once this secret is out, demand could make it hard to find.
The FDA has not reviewed or approved these statements, because of this the we use the word cure in a rhetorical sense only. The good news is the study is still going on and Genocea has updated their website with some promising information.

Although there is a great chance it will work for you, we cannot guarantee that you will be cured.
This information is provided for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. In an effort to find a cure for herpes, Genocea has received a lot of attention with its GEN-003 vaccine and clinical trials.
Not only did they find a better herpes treatment, they outright found a cure and proved it in medical studies.

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