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Herpes cause dry lips, doctor of ayurvedic medicine - .

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The causes of cracked lips is normally due to the owner having had dry or chapped lips for a period of time and then licking their lips which dries them out even faster and they eventually get to the point where the lips split causing an open sore.
If you have cracked and split lips due to environmental conditions (such as it being winter, cold and windy or very sunny) then you could probably help combat the problem with the application of a good lip balm. If you have cracked lips because they are dry then you could follow the diet plan we have devised which should help.

Therefore it would be helpful to know how to heal your lips to stop any further problems or pain occurring. If you think your sore lips are due to medical reasons then it is probably best to speak to a medical professional to get further help with the problem.
Just remember you don’t have to live with it, there is always a way to find out how to heal your lips.

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