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2yrs later after being I was in remission a check up found I had developed ovarian and uterine cancer. I had started learning herbalism to help myself and with the help of an herbalist dr (within 8 wks) my body cured itself.
I wasn’t ready to die at 22 and now 17 yrs later I still follow they same herbal remedies to cure me as a preventive for going through this again. An effective treatment will never be discovered because of this, and the amount of money changing hands if ever you are diagnosed with this curse.Alternative treatments made up of natural homeopathic herbs and roots is the only way to treat cancer, or any other extreme life threatening ailment. One thing is for sure – after many, many years of medical research, and billions of dollars, cancer is still with us. At best, we chemo the hell out of the host body with toxic chemicals in hopes of killing the cancer cells that have developed.
Both methods are marginal at best, deadly for the host at worst.The alternative approach seems the most logical at this time. I have heard it lowers fever & inflammation but this is the first time I have heard of its cancer cure properties.

So change your diet away from acid forming foods, soft drinks high sugars and turn to lots of lemons, limes and leafy greens. And if your looking for a cure for cancer look no further than endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. What happens is you orally digest cannabis oil and it attack cancer cells only through the receptors in the body killing the mutating cells. So we will please you to consult with your doctor about this herb and the type of cancer that you have.We honestly wish to get well soon ! THANK YOU USA AND FDA For fun dying the studies for the possible and serveral medical advances and cures!
My uncle has got a bad cancer between liver and kidney and also some cancer cells in his lung. So we will please you to consult with your doctor about this herb and the type of cancer that your uncle have. Hence the quite individualized treatments for the various kinds of perverted cell growths under the umbrella name of cancer.Our society is too easily fooled into the idea of taking a medicine for any problem occurring and does not realize that eliminating the cause for a problem may be far more important.

Did the usual long courses of antibiotics and herbs prescribed by a Bastyr trained naturopath who had also worked at one of the big Lyme clinics back east. I also got the satisfaction of hearing my regular naturopath call up the Lyme doctor and read her the rot act, for not getting ordering regular liver function tests while she prescribed all the crap she was giving me.Fortunately I stopped taking everything when the itching started.
I was that close apparently.The big lesson I learned from this is to never trust medicine based on beliefs, which unfortunately runs rampant in the Lyme Disease community. But it does not kill every type of cancer cell, and it still has the problem of properly delivering and administering it to the cancer cells.

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