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Chanca piedra is a remarkable medicinal plant that has long been used in Central and South America to treat kidney stones.
A much studied herb, chanca piedra has repeatedly been found to inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate crystals (the principle component of kidney stones) and even help to break up established stones. In addition to its benefits for those with kidney stones and gallstones, chanca piedra is well-regarded as a potential remedy for hepatitis B, for reducing cholesterol in the bloodstream, and in modulating blood sugar levels.
After a productive career as a software analyst and entrepreneur, Bill Thompson was able to enter into an early retirement in the Philippines, where he could launch into this second lifetime in alternative health. If you would like to thank Bill for his wonderful and informative posts by making a donation directly to Bill via Paypal, please click on the below link! Your problem is essentially caused by a high calcium low magnesium diet as well as by lack of other nutrients in the diet. Chanca Piedra - This is a wonderful herb which has a diuretic action that specifically helps to remove excess calcium from tissue and bone sites as well as from the blood. Magnesium -- In the form of magnesium chloride (best form to take), magnesium citrate or mag gluconate. I have been on haemodialysis for 15 years and I have secondary hyperthyroidism and my calcium is always low. Herbalism or Botanical medicine or herbology, is the traditional old folks practice of treating ailments. However, adding improper or inappropriate mixtures, lack of understanding of the herbal plant used for drug formula could be lethal or life threatening. The aconite roots or wolfsbane are used as medicine and was named the king of 100 Herbs, but contains toxic substance thus it is also called the Queen of Poisons.
Camellia Sinensis are herbal plants used as tea in India, Sri Lanka, Java Indonesia and Japan. The Trichosanthes Kirlowii fresh root tubers, when purified and processed, used for Anti-HIV activity. The Rehmannia or Foxglove or in Chinese it is called dihuang or Gandihuang, are Chinese medicinal herbal plants used to treat anemia, dizziness and constipation.
Paeonia Caucasica herb plants or in Chinese, Bai Shao (Radix Paeonae Lactiflorae) roots are used as traditional Chinese medicine not only in China but commonly used in Korea, Japan and some parts of Asia.
Korean Mint or scientific name, Agastache Rugosa also called in Chinese huo xiang, have antibacterial and anti-atherogenic properties used for infections treatment.
Cannabis sativa was cultivated by growers in Asia as an industrial fiber source, seed oil, food, drugs and medicine. The Rauwolfia serpentina, also known as snakeroot or sapagandha, a specie of Apocynaceae, used in traditional Chinese medicine and named it shegen mu or yindu shemu in Chinese. 8) Philippine Herbal Medicine: Akapulko (Cassia alala), also known as Ringworm bushy, a herbal plant used for treatment of increase of urine discharge, excessive sweating, and used as purgative purposes.
Bitter melon or bitter gourd, also known Momordica charantia, a vegetable with bitter taste, is famous in the Philippines as a medicinal plant called ampalaya, and used to treat diabetes, cholesterol and liver disease.
The Lagerstroemia speciosa also called Giant Crape-myrtle, Queen’s Crape-myrtle, Banaba in the Philippines, Jarul in Kolkata, India or Pride of India, the fruits, leaves, roots, flowers and bark of the tree or Banaba extract, are used for treatment for diabetes, purgative and diuretic, natural health supplement, helps regulate blood sugar level, and weight loss. The Anona squamosa or known as Atis or ates in the Philippines, also called sugar apple and sweet sop, is small tree fruit bearing sweet fruits, also used as medicinal plants includes leaves, fruits and seeds for the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery and dizziness. The Guava or Psidium guajava is a common used in the Philippines as medicinal used for disinfectants of wounds (boiling the leaves), mouth wash for infected gum or throat, tooth decay, also athelete’s foot and eczema.
Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis linn or Gumamela plant in the Philippines, China Rose, and hibiscus in the west are used not only as ornamental plants but as medicinal plant used as expectorant for cough, cold, sore throat, fever and bronchitis. Vitex Negundo or Five-leaved Chaste tree, a well known medicinal plants in Asia especially in the Philippines, and called Lagundi.
The Quisqualis Indica vine, a known medicinal plant in Asia as purgative by ingesting the seeds and helps eliminate worms such as ascaris and trichina.
The Origanum vulgare, a perennial plant with aromatic scent, are commonly used in culinary purposes, but also medicinally use for treatment the treatment of arthritis, coughs, colds, asthma, osteoarthritis, upset stomach or dyspepsia.

The Cuban Oregano, Mexican Mint, or Indian Borage with scientific name Plectranthus amboinicus, a fleshy aromatic perennial plant used as medicine as cough, colds and fever reliever.
Peperomia pellucida linn or widely known in the Philippines as pansit-pansitan, ulasiman-bato, olasiman-ihalas and tangon-tangon. Aloe Vera the most popular medicinal plants in Asia and Africa and believed to originate in Sudan. Blumea Balsamifera a popular medicinal plant and a traditional medicine in the Philippines and known as Sambong. The Carica Papaya, or commonly called papaya, papaw or pawpaw or in Chinese traditional medicine it is called mugua or mamao, fruta bomba, tree melon, Lechoza in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic because of its milky sap. The Moringa Oleifera commonly grown in Asia and cultivated for vegetable and medicinal purposes. There are many medicinal plants in the world, but most people of modern day prefer to seek for professional medical attention and buy the prescribed medicine. The analytical skills required by his first career and life-long interest in natural herbal therapies have made him the perfect counselor to weigh the evidence both for and against powerful natural remedies, and to present them cogently to a world of people eager for inexpensive, natural medicines. While I rarely consume vegetable oil (I use coconut oil) and am already taking many of the supplements you mention (kelp tablets, Iodoral, magnesium, fish oil, vitamin D, K2 and minerals including boron and silica have been part of my regimen for years), obviously it's not working.
Tulsi helps reduce the uric acid levels in the blood (one of the main reasons for kidney stones is the presence of excess uric acid in the blood), helps cleanse the kidneys, the presence of acetic acid and other components in its essential oils helps in breaking down kidney stones and its painkiller effect helps dull down the pain of kidney stones.
In Asia it is the most common and cheapest way to treat infectious diseases, though most modern day people in Asia or any part of the world would prefer to see their doctors and buy the prescribed medicines. Camellia is also a herbal medicinal plants used for digestions, depressions, detoxification, body aches and pains and energizer and long life.
The cannabis are harvested in different usage and depends on what purposes like the cannabis seeds, some used them for bird’s feed, because of its rich protein. It contains bioactive substances like yohimbine, reserpine, ajmaline, deserpidine, rescinnamine and the plant extract has been used in India for many years. The kudzu is used for the treatment of migraine and suicidal headaches (or cluster headache).
Aside using garlic for cooking, in the Philippines it is used to reduce cholesterol and helps normalized blood pressure, and it is called bawang. The gumamela buds in the Philippines is used to dressed boil by pounding it with dash of salt, and spread it on a clean gauze and cover the boil.
This plant is used for treatment of coughs, asthma, purgative, indigestion, abdominal pain due to spasm, boils, and rheumatism. This shiny herbs grows widely in the garden or flower pots and use for treating arthritis, gout, skin diseases, kidney disorders and abdominal pains.
It is also called the true Aloe or medicinal Aloe and popularly known as Sabila in the Philippines commonly seen growing in their home gardens.
The sambong leaves produced essential oil and the plant consist of camphor, limonene, borneol, saponin, sesquiterpene and astringent.This medicinal plant is well known for treating kidney disorder, fever, colds, rheumatism, hypertension, diuretic and other diseases. The bark, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and sap are used for herbal medicine, as antiseptic for venomous animal and insect bites, rheumatism, and anemia and other diseases. Horseraddish are also used for urinary tract infections, coughs and bronchitis, sinus congestion, and infected ingrown toenails. But there are desperate patients, who turn on herbal medicine when they feel that they are not cured with prescribe medicine and feel they are getting worse.
Its scientific classification is Phyllanthus niruri, while "Stone breaker" is the literal translation of the plant's common name, given to it by Spanish settlers who recognized its medical value, a value increasingly recognized in the modem world of complementary medicine. Thompson has established an eager following for his advice on alkalizing techniques and the treatment of systemic candida—two areas of complementary healthcare he has studied extensively and in successful application to his own health. Osteoporosis is partly caused by a combination of high calcium in the diet and low magnesium intake. To relieve kidney stones one must have the juice of tulsi leaves with honey, every day for six months to help wash out the stone from the kidney.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! The herbal medicine comes from the herbal medicinal plant’s extract from the roots, flowers and buds, bark and leaves.
They are use not only for cooking purposes but for treatment of digestive system, warming, used for divination and determining of guilt among Efik people of Nigeria.
The flowers, leaves, and seeds contain psychoactive chemical compound called cannabinoids that are used for medicinal and spiritual purposes and recreational drinks. It is also best for allergies and diarrhea, post-menopausal symptoms, hypertensions, and diabetes type ll, vertigo, tinnituslear disorder (hearing loud ringing sound), wei syndrome (superficial heat), Alzheimer’s disease, Alcoholics and hangovers. The green fruit, leaves, roots and shoots are used in Polynesia traditional medicine treating menstrual cramps, constipation or irregular bowel movements, diabetes, liver diseases and urinary tract infections.
Banaba herb are clinically proven as medicinal herbal plant for the relief and treatment of various diseases.
Sabila as medicine has various usage such as treatment for burns, eczema, cuts or wounds, dandruff and falling hair (the leaves as shown in picture, then rub on scalp and massage, let dry before rinsing it).
I spent two hours waiting to see the tissue specialist only for him to tell me that he could do nothing to help me. Sometimes the range of perceptions on herbal medicines include the yeast(fungal), molds or group of eukaryotic organisms and bee products as well as mineral shells and some animal parts.
These herbal plant is often used for external purposes treating rheumatism and muscle aches, but it can cause skin irritation. Extraction from the leaves is used to dressed and clean skon sores, infected skin diseases, while the stem and bark is used for reducing fever (antipyretic) and anthelmintic. Cannabis is much popular by its name marijuana, and extraction preparations obtained from resin, the hashish are used for consumption by smoking, and vaporized by ingesting orally. The reserpine compound is used for the treatment of high blood pressure and schizophrenia (mental disorder). The bark produces dye, a brownish-purple color used for batik weaving, and yellowish dye color extracted from the roots used for dyeing cloths. This spicy rootstalk can be used in many medicinal treatment like antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, diuretic and antiseptic.
In the Philippines it is famously known as nyog-nyogan, Chinese honey suckle and Rangoon Creeper.
In Greek, panax means All heal, and widely used now as muscle relaxant, stimulant, treatment for impotency, high blood pressure and low blood pressure, stress, insomnia and many others. This lack of magnesium causes high amounts of calcium to be present in the blood while, because of poor blood calcium and bone regulation, there is constant bone loss and deterioration of the body's bone structure.
This loss of bone also occurs for reasons of lack of nutrients needed to help properly regulate bone formation in the body.Bone formation and bone removal are two separate ongoing processes in the body. With this autoimmunity going on it appears that it and much more get past the brain barrier for me and cause the insonmia. Cannabis are used for for medicinal purposes for the treatment of nausea, vomiting, stimulation of hunger during chemotherapy process, AIDS patient, pain reliever, inflammatory disease affecting the rain and spinal cords to depressions, and glaucoma treatment. The calcitonin hormone from the thyroid is involved in bone formation and the parathyroid governs bone removal. If your body lacks iodine then bone formation will be affected and boron or borax is very important to the parathyroid for normal bone removal.
Other nutritional factors -- such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin K2 are also essential for bone formation.It is quite apparent to me that because you have kidney stone problems, this must mean that you have excess calcium in your blood -- so your excess blood calcium needs to be reduced so you can avoid kidney stone problems in the future.

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