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Herbal drugs, what's the best treatment for herpes - For Begninners

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Natural herbs and plants have been use for the treatment and prevention of diseases since time immemorial. The knowledge of herbal medicine dates back from prehistoric times and has been passed on from generation to generation. Because of such acceptance, manufacturers are beginning to mass produce herbal medicine, making a niche of its own in the industry. For manufacturers of herbal products, the most viable method to mass produce is via tincture done by soaking the botanical in a solution of water and alcohol to preserve its therapeutic effects. Despite the continuous usage of herbal medicines in many households all over the world, health institutions still advise on the health implications associated with herbal medicines. To avoid all these dangers, everyone is advised to consult a doctor before taking doses of herbal medicines. Several tests have been conducted regarding the adverse reaction of herbal medicines to other drugs. Over the past several decades, the demand for medicinal herbal products has grown by leaps and bounds—as a result, the marketplace is flooded with thousands of herbal offerings, with more appearing every day.
There is another significant issue pertaining to commercial adaptogenic herbs (and herbal products in general). When it comes to quality, purity and potency of herbal adaptogens and other herbs, those of us who make herbal products must be meticulous to guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. The manufacturer should directly source and keep records of all herbal materials, whether grown by the manufacturer, purchased from other farms, or purchased through distributors. My best advice is to buy and consume herbal adaptogenic products (and any herb or supplement, for that matter) only from someone you trust completely, and preferably on the recommendation of someone who is a medical herbalist and expert in herbal medicine. In recent years, health institutions are trying to define which herbal medicine should be considered as dietary supplements. Herbal products are now being sold as tablets, capsules, powder, tea, extracts, and fresh and dried plants.

Just like tinctures, these are soaked botanicals into a liquid solution that is supposed to remove certain chemicals in the herb.
Precautions are given against herbs that may cause further health problems instead of treatment.
Not too long ago, if you wanted herbs, you pretty much had to grow or wild craft them yourself. Perhaps you see an advertisement for an herb, or read a snippet in a consumer magazine or on the Internet, or hear from a friend that an herb might offer specific health benefits. Reishi extract is widely recommended as an immune-enhancing herb, and is used by cancer patients to aid in immune restoration, to protect the body during chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and to help reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. The majority of medicinal herbs are farmed today like vegetables, and although they might look the same as wild-grown plants, they are not necessarily the same. To ensure the best results, I obtain my herbs from the highest-quality sources available worldwide, and then have them tested to confirm potency and purity.
Unfortunately, you can’t judge the potency of herbal products simply by looking at them or tasting them. In most cases, it is defined as any herbal medicine that is intended to supplement the diet, which means that it has to contain ingredients that are found to be nutritious such as vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids and other substances that are said to improve one’s health. Such popularity was able to penetrate the medical community which is now considering herbs and botanicals as alternative medicine.
Some are also deemed ineffective and others may be hazardous when they interact with other pharmaceutical drugs a person is taking.
But today, herbs and herbal formulations are dispensed by holistic healthcare providers, or can be self-prescribed by perusing the offerings at health food stores, pharmacies, “big box” stores, or on-line. It’s easy to go to your local store or search the web for herbal products, but all too often, choices are made for the wrong reasons, which can result in poor outcomes. Reishi is rich in triterpenes (over one hundred) called ganoderic acids—it is this class of compounds that gives the herb its bitter taste and is believed to confer various health benefits, such as lipid-lowering, cancer suppressing, and antioxidant effects, while polysaccharides are the main immune enhancing compounds.

Even the local gas station convenience store carries an assortment of caffeine-laced herbal energy drinks.
They need to be handled properly and processed correctly to create potent and effective herbal preparations that will provide health benefits. Even from our excellent sources, we occasionally have to reject an herbal extract because it does not meet my stringent specifications. The positive side of the flourishing herbal products industry is that people are recognizing the healing potential of medicinal plants, and are seeking an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.
I believe in the healing power of herbal medicine, and I want people to experience the success that comes from using quality herbal products. Virtually any ailment documented in human history has been treated with Chinese Herbs with varying degrees of success over the centuries and millenia.
Indeed, the active components of plants are the basis for many of the most potent pharmaceutical drugs used in Western medicine. Trained herbalists use the whole plant, taking into account the temperatures and tastes of the individual herb. These herbs are then combined to make a formula, with special care being taken to make sure that there are the correct properties to cope with the specific complaint of the individual.
We take pains to cross check and double check that the herbs we prescribe will be unlikely to interact with any medications the patient is already taking. We invite questions from our patients regarding the herbs, supplements and drugs that they are taking so that our patients always feel comfortable and confident taking herbs.Copyright 2012 alternative medicine.

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