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People who are more than 45 years of age and who are constantly working in the coal fields, welding jobs, asbestos factories are at increased risk of developing bronchitis.
Sesame seeds is said to be an effective ingredient that will help in reducing the symptoms linked with chronic bronchitis. Various symptoms associated with bronchitis can be stopped by gargling salt water several times.
Orange juice is found to be an effective home remedy to treat symptoms of acute bronchitis. If you are suffering from symptoms of bronchitis like cough and old, then you can always think of taking steam therapy with eucalyptus oil. Honey is a natural home remedy that has a lot of medicinal properties and is very effective to treat a cough that is a symptom of bronchitis. Licorice root is considered to be an effective herb that will help in treating symptoms associated with bronchitis. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

There are many simple and effective home remedies which can provide excellent relief from bronchitis. Shallots or small onions will be offering a better remedy for bronchitis than the normal large big onions. It is important for people suffering from chronic bronchitis to take a bath twice a day in the Epsom salt mixed water. It will help in giving excellent relief to the chest pain that is associated with dreaded bronchitis disease.
Orange juice is rich in vitamins and minerals and is also an excellent remedy for sore throat. Mix it well with a tablespoon of honey or milk and consume this thrice a day to reduce bronchitis symptoms effectively.
It is not possible to eat and swallow solid foods during bronchitis and you need to also keep your body hydrated every time. Do this for three to four times a day for a few days to see effective results and decrease in bronchitis symptoms.

Irritation of the upper respiratory tract by dust and inhaling smoke or fumes also can cause acute bronchitis. If you are suffering from acute bronchitis, then it is ideal that you take a hot Epsom salt bath every night to get relief from bronchitis. You can try out the above mentioned home remedies to effectively reduce the symptoms associated with bronchitis. Acute bronchitis condition improves within a few days but the cough may continue for weeks.
There are many effective home remedies for treating bronchitis and to relieve your symptoms.

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