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Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters. The entire donor investment in "cross-border externalities" - for example, preparing for the next disease outbreak and tackling antimicrobial resistance - came to around $1 billion in 2013. The analysis highlights another mismatch between spending and need - for research and development in neglected diseases. This is just one of the "global public goods" and the World Health Organization says it needs $6 billion.
The paper presents an expanded definition of official development assistance (ODA) for health.
The new approach has been developed by a group of leading global health experts and economists, led by Marco Schaferhoff, PhD, associate director of SEEK Development in Berlin, Germany.
It combines both financing officially reported as ODA for health, with additional spending on pharmaceutical research and development for neglected diseases, which disproportionately kill the world's poor.
Note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. If you are interested in becoming a first aider then read our article and learn how giving up a small amount of your time to gain first aid knowledge can truly help save a life.
The biotechnology unit of French drug company Sanofi SA was accused of two misdemeanor counts of violating the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act from 2005 to 2010 by allowing Seprafilm to be adulterated and misbranded while being sold.
At least 220 inmates and three staff have been sickened with an unknown stomach ailment at a large state prison in northeastern Arizona, prison authorities said on Thursday. Researchers have long known that growing up on a farm seems to protect children against allergies and now they know the secret lies in the dust, Belgian experts said Thursday. By Tom Miles GENEVA (Reuters) – Two children in southwestern Ukraine have been paralyzed by polio, the first outbreak of the disease in Europe since 2010, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, in a setback for a global eradication campaign. Gilead Sciences Inc said on Wednesday its experimental fixed-dose combination treatment for HIV proved as effective in a late-stage study as the company’s widely used Truvada combo pill but with significantly less loss of bone mineral density and kidney function. Information provided by Google Analytics, used to track general information about visitor traffic to HealthDay websites, includes only the Internet Service Provider, browser name, and referring page used by any visitor. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Days numbered for barcodes as shoppers demand more data28 August 2015 - Growing demand for more information about the products we buy could mean the end of the simple barcode -- the blocks of black and white stripes that adorn most objects for sale and are scanned five billion times a day. US: Abandoned Chicago railway reborn as commuter corridor23 August 2015 - On an abandoned Chicago railway line cutting between the treetops, bike commuters zip by walkers and joggers, all traversing a ribbon of concrete undulating through a lush landscape where clattering freight cars once ferried everything from coal to furniture.
Spirituality may be tied to better overall health10 August 2015 - Cancer patients who report more religiousness or spirituality may also experience fewer physical symptoms of cancer and treatment and more social connection, several new papers suggest.
Star Trek-style home elevator could replace stairlifts (+ Reuters video)3 August 2015 - For people living in a house with more than one storey, stairlifts or home elevators are often a necessity of life as they get older and find it harder to get up and down the stairs. The centre of a wheel: Transcendental Meditation in a cancer survivor's life16 August 2015 - Attorney, author, and wellness advocate Susan Wilking Horan describes the value of Transcendental Meditation throughout her battles with and victory over cancer. My journey through grief with Transcendental Meditation30 July 2015 - After the devastating news of the death of a loved one, Judy Warren describes how Transcendental Meditation 'allowed my body and spirit to process the intense grief and still somehow continue the daunting task of living'.
UK: Transcendental Meditation - 'More effective than several years of therapy'24 July 2015 - 'It was like darkness disappearing with the shining of light upon it,' says James Miles, describing the rapid improvement in his emotional health after he started practising Transcendental Meditation.

Nurses: Using Transcendental Meditation to relieve burnout and reduce stress22 July 2015 - In response to widespread burnout among nursing staff, Sarasota Memorial Hospital 'decided to pursue a pilot research study evaluating the effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique on compassion fatigue and resilience among nurses,' says Dr Jen Rheingans, PhD, RN-BC, AHN-BC, a research specialist at the hospital.
How newborns flourish when mothers practise Transcendental Meditation13 July 2015 - Research has shown that in newborns of mothers who practised Transcendental Meditation during pregnancy, periods of the 'quiet alert' state of wakefulness, when the infant is visibly content and free from distress, were more than twice as long as those in a matched control group born to non-meditating mothers.
Hawaii's spike in birth defects puts focus on GM crops23 August 2015 - Local doctors [in Hawaii] are in the eye of a storm swirling for the past three years over whether corn that's been genetically modified to resist pesticides is a source of prosperity, as companies claim, or of birth defects and illnesses.
Early life adversity and later depression for teens18 August 2015 - Tough experiences before age six, like family instability or abuse, are tied to changes in brain structure and to a higher risk of anxiety or depression, according to a study of mother-son pairs in England. Teens' e-cigarette use linked with later smoking18 August 2015 - Teens who use e-cigarettes are more likely than others to later smoke conventional cigarettes and other tobacco products, a study at 10 Los Angeles high schools suggests.
Current health news also illustrates the inextricable relationship between individual health and the collective health of society.
Authorities at Arizona State Prison Complex-Winslow said they are working with local and state health officials to try to determine what caused the gastro-intestinal illness first reported in two units on Tuesday afternoon. Food and Drug Administration approved a new dose of its blood thinner Brilinta intended for longer-term use in patients with a history of heart attack or a condition known as acute coronary syndrome. In an opinion piece in the Manchester Union Leader, a New Hampshire newspaper, Clinton set out five goals including empowering communities to prevent drug use among teenagers and making addiction treatment available to every person needing it.
Shoppers are now demanding far greater transparency about products, and store owners need more information to help with stock taking, product recalls, and to fight fakes. The e-cigarette regulations would ban use of the devices, also known as vapor cigarettes or vapes, in the workplace, at schools, and other places where cigarettes already are forbidden, and would require that they be sold in child-resistant packaging. This time, the honour comes courtesy of New York-based Metropolis Magazine, an architecture and design journal that publishes an annual rankings of cities based on things like housing, culture, and walkability.
Religion and spirituality were associated with better health regardless of specific religion or set of spiritual beliefs.
Normal stairlifts have the disadvantage of being a permanent and visible addition to a staircase, while traditional home elevators are bulky and often impractical for most homes. She had meditated in the past, but found that Transcendental Meditation 'offered consistent results and was portable in my life in traveling business development. Beyond finding resources including shelter and permanent housing, Gettlove partnered with DLF to provide instruction in Transcendental Meditation to at-risk individuals. Other research done on the results of mothers practising the TM technique during pregnancy showed such benefits as easier birthing and longer sleep patterns in babies.
At least 100 million Africans are estimated to suffer from PTSD caused by war and violence. The chemical companies that grow the corn in land previously used for sugar refuse to disclose with any precision which chemicals they use, where, and in what amounts, but they insist the pesticides are safe, and most state and local politicians concur. Despite [some] limitations, the study 'is the strongest evidence to date that e-cigarettes might pose a health hazard by encouraging adolescents to start smoking conventional tobacco products,' said Dr. Seprafilm is a clear film used to reduce abnormal internal scarring that can cause organs and tissues to stick together following pelvic and abdominal surgeries known as laparotomies. The sick inmates have been treated on-site and none have required transport to a medical facility, said corrections spokesman Andrew Wilder, adding that none of the cases are believed to be life-threatening. In 2014, only 50 percent of children were fully immunized against polio and other preventable diseases, it said.

The Content is not intended to be -- and therefore should not be interpreted as -- recommendation(s) for any specific treatment plan, product, or provider. Chicago and cities throughout the country are transforming hulking pieces of obsolete infrastructure into useful -- even inspiring -- amenities.
A sense of connection to a being larger than oneself was associated with better physical function and fewer, or less severe, symptoms of cancer or treatment, according to patient reports. She remained clear-minded with a deep interest in many topics and her state of health was younger than her years. The moment I learned to meditate in this way I was calmer, more focused and much more present to my life.
Nurses who participated in the study found that stress was not only dramatically less on the job, but for many, health and family relationships also took a leap forward. As Aileen Getty, Founder and Executive Director of Gettlove, says, ''I truly believe that [building and restoring] relationships and communities are the solution to our ills. Based on recent trials and research the TM technique appears to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods available for treatment.
But state and local officials have acknowledged the Olympic pledges are nowhere near being met.
Nancy Rigotti, director of a tobacco research and treatment center at Massachusetts General Hospital. The drug, which is used to prevent blood clots that can cause heart attacks, strokes and deaths, had previously been approved at a higher dose for use during the first year after a heart attack. Terry Lifts, based in Cheshire, have built a futuristic-looking elevator that can fit into the corner of a room and ascends through a hole in the ceiling with no lift shaft required.
Analysis of results revealed statistically significant improvements in resilience and compassion fatigue, and decreases in secondary trauma. Any questions regarding individual medical conditions should be directed to a health care professional. Philip Landrigan, a Harvard-educated pediatrician and epidemiologist who is Dean for Global Health at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, and Chuck Benbrook, an adjunct professor at Washington State University's crops and soil science department, argues that GMO foods and herbicides applied to them 'may pose hazards to human health' not previously assessed.
Gloria Rupert, administrative supervisor for 22 years in critical care, relates that since starting TM, she is more focused and resilient - and able to prioritize and manage disruptions to meet the demands of her job. Ozan describes how TM 'has brought me a greater sense of wellbeing and reassurance into my life that everything will be OK'--while also appreciating 'the greater sense of contentment that it has brought to our family as a whole, bringing us closer together'. David Shapiro, President of African PTSD Relief, says, 'We should pick the most effective approaches available to save money and time, and to help as many people as possible'.
Loosened marijuana policies in states across the country have likely contributed to a rise in use by teens and young adults, who increasingly perceive the drug as harmless, the study said.

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