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What: Startup company that manufactures veterinary dressings and other first-aid products for dogs.
Healers PetCare also sells a first-aid kit for dogs, which features 65 items including the paw bootie, the company's elastic leg bandage with gauze, antibiotic ointment and an antiseptic towelette. Christine Johnson, Entler's veterinarian, who has lent Healers booties to owners of dogs with injuries or allergies, said Entler came up with a winner.
Entler, the company's president and CEO, said Healers PetCare is poised for revenue growth. Healers PetCare Inc.'s latest product is Urban Walkers, booties that protect dogs' paws when they're on rough surfaces.

Entler said she's also realized the value of product testing, noting that she sells products in pairs rather than in fours because she learned that dogs' front and back paws often are different sizes. Lori Brown, training supervisor with Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc., said the nonprofit, which has an Oregon campus in Boring, provides dog boots to graduates and had been looking for a better-fitting product than what it has found on the market. Next month, it plans to release Urban Walkers, the first in what she sees as a series of injury-prevention products for dogs.
Eventually, she hopes to transition away from that work and devote her time solely to Healers PetCare. Bag Co., and a second manufacturing line is being ramped up in Portland to support Urban Walkers, she said.

The booties were tested for a year with veterinarians and released with a patented, replaceable gauze insert in September 2011.

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