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HCMC develops and implements disaster plans, coordinates hospital- and community-based disaster training exercises with metro emergency management, the Minnesota Department of Health, schools, fire, police, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and local public health, and prepares and disseminates disaster training and response materials.
In an emergency, HCMC EMS and the Medical Resource Control Center at HCMC coordinate transport of patients in and out of Minnesota from disaster sites. HCMC collaborates with the Metro Healthcare System Preparedness program and other partners to provide disaster preparedness training to diverse clinicians, law enforcement, behavioral health professionals, and first responders across the state. HCMC has collaborated extensively in the development, implementation, and dissemination across Minnesota of projects like the Minnesota Mobile Medical Unit, Mass Casualty Incident Buses, and Alternate Care Sites (see photos, below), to provide communities with access to alternative medical facilities and supplies if hospital resources are overwhelmed.

HCMC received the President's Award from the National Association of Public Hospitals (NAPH) for its response to the I-35W bridge collapse.
Read the President's Award Press Release and more about HCMC's response to the bridge collapse in the Emergency Medicine Activities Report. A bridge collapses, a tornado strikes in north Minneapolis, the state prepares for H1N1 influenza… In emergencies, large and small, HCMC is here to do what it has always done – prepared and ready to react immediately. HCMC also functions as a Global Migration and Quarantine Facility for the Centers for Disease Control, to identify and treat the first cases of unknown infectious diseases that arrive to the Twin Cities through international flights.

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