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Genital herpes outbreak duration, herpes transmission without sores - Try Out

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Genital herpes in women symptoms, signs, home remedies, medication, transmission, tests, and more.
Cuts or abrasions in other organs such as the buttocks and thighs can be transmitted like other genital area and should be avoided. This make even worse because genital herpes outbreaks can hit anytime, everyone, and everywhere. Even though can be transmitted at any time, we do not have to worry about contracting as long as we do not do free sex or direct contact with wounds that exist in patients with herpes virus.

Because the herpes simplex virus is very contagious, the prevention of genital herpes should be done before the disease is transmitted to us, other people and the family. Someone who is infected with genital herpes virus, at first will experience flu-like symptoms such as fever, joint pain, headaches, muscle pain and discomfort in the genital area.
One of them, with does not do unhealthy or unprotected sex as the way of herpes simplex virus entry to our body because that way is how genital herpes outbreak spreads. After the initial symptoms appear, then there will be liquid-filled bumps in the genital area.

And genital herpes occur on the genitals and surrounding areas such as buttocks, anal region and thigh. Because of the many people who are infected do not notice the signs and symptoms of genital herpes, the disease is often difficult to detect.

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