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Today’s alternative medicine smack-down comes to you courtesy of a sceptical colleague, Michael, who submitted a complaint to our government regulator, The Complaints Resolution Panel, several months ago.
I called this claim offensive, not only to the deceased in Bali and Victoria, but also to the skilled health professionals working tirelessly with the burns victims using medicine and science, not magic water. What makes this story even more sad is that the death occurred in the Favira clinic in Adelaide, which is the home of Elvira Brunt, an alternative therapist who claims to be able to cure cancer with massage. Regular readers might remember the Favira alternative medicine clinic from a previous Dr Rachie when I mentioned that she has advised the father of a young girl with leukemia to feed her KFC to get her kidneys functioning again. It appears Australia is about to repeat Britain’s mistakes about regulation of alternative medicine.
Unfortunately, it has become all too common commonplace that SCAMs (Supplementary, Complementary and Alternative Medicine) make unsubstantiated claims about their products and services.
News of the launch of a campaign in support of free speech appears below in an extract from an email sent from Simon. JOIN THE EZINE Let us send you our free newsletter, Wise Woman ezine, empower yourself naturally - women's health & herbal healing. Our FREE Introduction to Herbs online course is a primer to help introduce beginners to herbal medicine.

This is a course I am offering to those of you who have completed at least one hands-on workshop with me. The Introductory Herbal Course is a brand new, multimedia program consisting of six in-depth units, interactive ebooks, printable charts and handouts, demonstrations, and many herbal recipes. Read the full course description and look through the curriculum outline on the Herbal Academy of New England’s website.
COUPON CODE: In addition to the giveaway, Homestead Bloggers Network is offering an exclusive coupon code for readers to to get 10% off the Introductory Herbal Course during the launch period only. They claimed that the website was “intended to be an information website to educate the public about the use of homeopathic remedies” but not to the exclusion of any other system of medicine. The advertiser claimed that the website was “intended to be an information website to educate the public about the use of homeopathic remedies” but not to the exclusion of any other system of medicine. The article was penned by 2 journalists, Rachel Browne and Melissa Singer, neither of whom seem to understand much about what constitutes conventional medicine or doctors. A letter in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, from a dermatologist working in pediatrics, questions why parents are turning towards alternative medicine and reminds us that medicine could have saved 9 month old Gloria. I frequently find myself unable to help children like Gloria because of their parents’ unshakeable fear and distrust of Western medicine.

It’s to an online diploma mill, Thunderwood College, where you can choose a degree and get an instant diploma, just like mine below. Our online course will be composed of six units with assignments to be completed in each section in order to move on to the next unit. We live healthier lives, seek change and look for alternative ways to prevent and cure disease, protect the environment, improve health and evolve as spiritual beings.
This course will get you started on your herbal journey, covering all of the basics including common discomforts, herbal actions, dosing, and herbal remedies! You’ll need to click this link to view the full course description and then answer the question in the mandatory entry. This following the beginning of the article where the journalists discuss the parents of Gloria Thomas being charged with manslaughter for shunning conventional medicine and treating their daughter’s eczema with homeopathy.

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