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A website is a hugely important marketing tool and probably the most important one you have.
Bio-Energy Therapy is a gentle but powerful hands-on healing modality, excellent at dealing with stress which is at the root of most health problems.
ThetaHealing® is an amazing healing modality which allows the practitioner to remove negative beliefs, feelings and thoughts that are causing you emotional pain and preventing you from being where you want to be. For best results in my practice I combine both healing modalities with my experience in the fields of psychology and counselling. Testimonials“After two distant bio-energy sessions I felt really uplifted and full of energy – but the best thing is that I stopped snacking between meals. Fort Collins Lymph Therapists, Massage Therapist, and Energy Healer specially trained to facilitate your body's own healing processes for swelling, detoxification and chronic health issues. Our unique blend of: Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage Therapy and Energy Healing Techniques used by Fort Collins LymphWorks practitioners are intended to help you where other therapies may not have.
Injury Recovery and Surgery Recovery - sprains, strains, bumps and bruises, chronic pain management, scar healing, cosmetic surgery, reduced recovery time, motor vehicle accidents, joint replacements.

Therapeutic taping can be used to reduce swelling, among other things, as an adjunct to your lymph drainage therapy session. A simple but powerful Fort Collins Energy Healing session may address physical, mental, emotional imbalances or complaints.
We understand that the two biggest obstacles to having a websites for professionals in the health and wellness industry are 1) that custom websites can be incredibly expensive, and 2) that if you want to go the free or low cost do-it-yourself route it is typically too complicated and confusing.
Be Well websites are full WordPress-based websites crafted by an elite professional designer that has been working at the highest levels of the broadcast, print and web design field for over two decades. Even though we have prepackaged the websites to keep the price low, every website was created with love and meticulous attention to design detail. It is often the first thing your client sees of you and forms the foundation of their first and subsequent impressions and thereby too their expectations which is why you need to put your best and most professional foot forward with a high-end designed website like those from Be Well Websites. This helps the client relax and de-stress, removes energetic blockages and energises the client’s body. The belief systems can be changed easily with ThetaHealing® while the application of Bio-Energy Therapy helps lower stress levels, stimulates the immune system, relaxes and regenerates the tissues and helps the body restore itself to optimum health.

Be Well websites are incredibly affordable and we completely set them up for you so all you need to do is add words. He revealed that the first day after the initial massage session, his body was reacting to the energy healing therapy, he had mild bouts of headache and felt that he had a slight temperature. The detoxification was taking place, which is to be expected in energy healing therapy.He was already feeling better on the third day and was happy to note that the affected skin area was no longer itchy when he perspired or after taking a shower. Leia repeated the healing session on his second visit and when he returned a week later, the young man's face was beaming, reflecting improvement in his overall well-being.

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