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Kung-fu grand master and energy healer Qi Feilong encouraged host Nick Cannon to punch him repeatedly in the stomach before he vowed to show the judges something they'd never seen before.He struggled to explain in English what he was going to do, despite having a translator on stage. Getting air: A member of Real Encounter soared through the air on his motorbikeViewers also got a glimpse of Slam, a high-octane basketball-gymnastics team who also got four 'Yes' nods and Flight Crew Jump Rope, a synchronized jump rope act.
Abigail, 33, performed as the act Aerial Animation and vowed it was an example of 'her imagination come to life'.She got hoisted up on to a swing made of fabric high above the stage before interacting with cartoon animations on a screen, getting chased by a bear down a mountain at one point, then 'falling' to the ground then 'swimming'.

The pair then got on stage with John and Andrew as they argued about who would lead as Howard revealed his bare arms, towering over John, before he twirled Howie around as Mel and Heidi laughed and laughed.'Once we started it was like we'd been dancing for years,' Howie said. Viewers also got to see host Nick Cannon go shirtless as he tried to emulate a martial arts style brick-breaking routine.
They also got four 'Yes' votes as Nick showed off his skills.Dom the Bom's Triple Threat were made up of eight-year-old triplets Dominic and his brother and sister.

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