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Now I will discuss energy healing and later show relationships between that and psychokinesis. The types of energy healing in Table 1 are when one or more individuals are involved as healers in the process. Just as in conventional medicine, it is very hard to separate the placebo effect from healing attributed to the effectiveness of the practitioner, medicine man, healer, operator, doctor, etc. Years ago, Bill Sowder showed me the energy technique that he uses and I have used ever since (Houck, 1983 8). In the early days of giving the PK Parties I shied away from publicity about or doing energy healing. It is also interesting to compare the basic steps for doing PK and Energy Healing, as shown in Figure 8. There is a great deal of information on the Internet about the different types of energy healing.

This reference also explores the legitimacy of providing CAM and conventional therapies that have been demonstrated to be effective only by virtue of the natural healing effect.
All of these energy healing types fall into broader categories of Alternative and Complementary healing. If you happen to have this paper electronically and use America On Line (AOL), then each energy healing type in Table 1 is a link that will take you to another list of subcategories (the number if items in each list is shown in parentheses after each type) which in turn provides links to websites about each of these methods.
The natural healing level may be much higher than 30% for a person who believes that a system will work and some believe that the more bizarre the healing treatment, the more effective the natural healing. Most researchers believe that natural healing occurs and this treatment certainly is bizarre.
Otherwise search the Internet using these names of the Energy Healing types and find the many websites. As from the research into PK, the natural healing occurs when there is a peak emotional event.

Years ago I tested the energy flow between the palms of my hands in the manner discussed in Step #3 of my healing technique and found only a trickle of energy.
The doctors thought they had discovered a new treatment technique, but it did not work for the next man they tried it on.
Similarly, the apparent success of my attempts at energy healing has greatly improved during this time span.
I now realize that the energy felt in energy healing is the same as the PK energy used for bending metal at PK Parties.

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