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Chinese Medicine uses food as a dynamic partner to acupuncture and herbs to achieve long lasting clinical results. The concept of blood in traditional Chinese medicine shares a close relationship with the western concept in that it has both a nourishing and moistening function.
Chinese medicine is a compendium of knowledge that addresses healing and the restoration of a person’s health. Anyone who has grown up in an Eastern culture probably remembers the smell of boiling herbs in the kitchen.
One of the earliest and most popular stories regarding Chinese medicine is the tale of Bian Que, the first Chinese medical doctor, and the crown prince of the Kingdom of Gua. An Eastern doctor may have spotted a gall bladder or kidney beginning to undergo changes that will eventually produce stones. The secrets of medicinal herbs are no longer locked in folklore where only the patient can attest to their benefits. Daniel Weber with the International Consortium of Chinese Medicine and Cancer at the National Cancer Institute (NIH) in Bethesda Nov.
Chinese Herbal Medicine Combined Conventional Chemotherapy Regimens in Advanced Recurrent Breast Mammary Carcinoma.

Hu et al., (2013) reported one successful case of “GP” regimen of combining chemotherapy with traditional Chinese medicine decoction (“lung description”) for breast cancer with lung and bone metastases.
Conclusions: In the course of this combined treatment, it has been shown that Chinese herbal medicine played an important role in the therapy of breast mammary carcinoma. Throughout human history, complementary and alternative medicine in the form of folk medicine has emerged and flourished in every civilization, tribe, and continent. Intro of AIOCMA number of respected practitioners from North America, Australia and China have established the Association of Integrative Oncology and Chinese Medicine (AIOCM). The purpose of the AIOCM is bring together like-minded practitioners to establish protocols, trainings and standards in regards to the application of Chinese Medicine in the treatment of cancer, to increase the profile of Chinese Medicine and to establish research. Chinese Medicine has a contribution to make at every stage in the treatment of cancer, not just the symptoms. The philosophy of Chinese medicine was developed over thousands of years and is based on the concept that the body is self-healing.
Documented evidence now exists that shows medicinal herbs have produced changes in blood pressure, intestinal motility, blood tests, x-rays, CT and MRI scans.
Some forms evolved to become traditional medicine and some disappeared to be forgotten, while others have been labeled untraditional medicine and are now regarded as complementary and alternative medicine.

It is both a healing art and science that uses medicinal herbs to prevent disease as well as facilitate the healing process.
Many Eastern hospitals allow their patients to receive both contemporary treatment and alternative therapies.
In the meantime, they administered Chinese herbal medicine (Fei Decoction, mixed with a variety of effective herbal components) to help her recover from the poor condition.
In the past half century, an increasing number of patients and health care providers in the West have become dissatisfied with aspects of traditional Western medicine and have turned their attention to these branches of untraditional medicine. While certain aspects of Chinese medicine were documented early-on in written form, the extensive knowledge accumulated by master Chinese herbalists through the centuries has never been fully catalogued.
There is even a growing movement in this country’s medical community that supports complimentary and integrative medicine. The term integrative or integrated medicine was born recently as the popularity grew in incorporating complementary medicine to reinforce gaps to better ful-fill the purpose of traditional medicine.

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