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Does lysine help cold sores, treating herpes simplex 1 - How to DIY

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Super Lysine+ ointment – made with 14 nutrients including Lysine, Propolis, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and more!
This premium lysine supplement blend contains L-lysine along with Olive Leaf and Astragalus Extracts - these immune boosting herbs complement the lysine to produce a powerful daily adjunct to your immune support program. Now, whenever I feel that tingle in my skin and know that one’s on the way, I take a Lysine pill. I also find it helps to avoid excessive sweets, corn [especially corn chips], peanut butter, and raisins. Nothing like avoiding some personal embarrassment or nipping the old trusty “herpes” jokes in the bud if you can help it! But sadly, and for some reason, we all feel that we must explain a cold sore away when it is so obviously prominent on our faces. At the first sign of a cold sore, Abreva will be the first thing your friends will tell you to use.
When using one of the many cold sore remedies Abreva will be one of the most familiar and will be one of the most recognized names from the many advertisements. However, Abreva for cold sores is a topical ointment that may cause the sore to heal faster.
The markets are full of cream for herpes, everywhere you look from the grocery store to the pharmacy you will find some product that promises to help heal the sore faster and with less pain.

Many folks find that these over the counter cold sore treatments come either in a cream or an ointment for cold sores. Many brands will carry a cold sore cream and a cold sore ointment, it may be hard to determine which will work best. It is obvious that in order to live a life with herpes, you will need to do more than treat cold sores once they appear. There will always be a place for ointment and topical products once a cold sore has appeared, but with the addition of some of the methods found in the My Last Outbreak program, you may never have to buy this ointments again. This moisturizing petroleum-free convenient Coldstick also relieves cracked or chapped lips. Whenever I got stressed, or ate too much sugared stuff, or happened to be recovering from a cold or some other illness and my immune system was down, I got a cold sore. But taking Lysine along with the prescription capsules knock herpes simplex virus down twice as fast.
But it is a good source to turn to when you do not want the embarrassment of a huge and awkward cold sore on your face.
These will help if you take them on a regular schedule, but some people will develop side effects like, bruising and rashes.
My Last Outbreak is more of a preventative program that can also help you to get rid of cold sores quicker than by using Abreva alone.

For long term management or severe circumstances, many use the Super Lysine Plus+ Tablets on a daily basis. I myself have found that it does help prevent my cold sores from appearing, if I take it as soon as the skin starts to tingle. I heard about Lysine from somewhere and immediately started taking it whenever I got a cold sore. Instead of just treating the sores, it shows you ways that you can improve your health so that your body is naturally better able to fight off the herpes virus.
The bandage will help hide your cold sore, protect it from irritants and contamination and help stop contagious spread. And when it does manage to break out, taking Lysine while you have it will make it go away sooner. The latex-free cold sore bandage is made from a semi-transparent material so it blends in with your lip color.

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