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In what's being called a "functional cure," doctors say a Mississippi girl born with HIV who received aggressive, early treatment now shows no signs of the virus that causes AIDS. More testing needs to be done to see if the treatment would have the same effect on other children, but the results could change the way high-risk babies are treated and possibly lead to a cure for children with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
The child's story is different from the now famous case of Timothy Ray Brown, the so-called "Berlin patient," whose HIV infection was completely eradicated through an elaborate treatment for leukemia in 2007 that involved the destruction of his immune system and a stem cell transplant from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that resists HIV infection. More history on the line for the 'Big Four' at US OpenIn this Golden Age of men's tennis, every Grand Slam tournament gives the "Big Four" an opportunity to make, still, more history. Topless Times Square lady arrested on drugs, prostitution chargesOne of Times Square's topless ladies was busted on Wednesday night for providing both drugs and sexual services to undercover officers, police said. Dear Hollywood: Superhero movies may actually kill Emma ThompsonThis week's turning out to be the time for British people to get hyperbolic about Marvel's popular web-slinger. If the only right style of chicken wing is Buffalo, this fest is for youThere are people who think sauce is at best a condiment when it comes to chicken wings. In both cases, the virus is still present, in a greatly reduced form and still presumably transmissible.
The technique actually dates back thousands of years, in a very rudimentary form: people observed that the water from certain rivers could cure infectious diseases like leprosy and cholera.

You already know this from high school biology (of course), but a virus works by injecting its DNA into a living cell, hijacking the cell's replication machinery to make more viruses.
Fourteen patients who were rapidly given antiretroviral drugs have remained healthy for years even after stopping treatment, French researchers found. They were picked for the study, published in the American journal PLoS Pathogens, because they appeared able to control their HIV after ceasing to take antiretroviral drugs. The initial report prompted Millis and State Police to comb the area looking for a suspect in a red pickup truck who is said to have opened fire on a police officer, causing the cruiser to drive off the road and catch fire on Wednesday afternoon.
Davis has reportedly been placed in jail, and may face hefty fines for being in contempt of court. Just weeks after a baby girl was functionally cured of the HIV virus, early treatment has been found to put HIV into seemingly permanent remission in 14 adults. They all began receiving anti-retroviral (ARV) medications between 35 days and 10 weeks of contracting the virus.
In the early 20th century, scientists figured out that these waters contained very specific types of viruses, which killed the bacteria that caused the infections. But compare that to traditional antibiotics, which can wipe out all of the healthy, normal bacteria in a patient's gut and leave an open playing field for the really nasty, antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are usually crowded out by the benign bugs.

Millis schools were closed on Thursday while officials searched for the non-existent suspect. The patients then stayed on the drugs for an average of three years, but all eventually stopped.
If you believe that chicken is merely the ideal vehicle for the spicy mana that is Buffalo sauce, and you can commune with 70,000 others of your tribe this weekend at the National Buffalo Wing Festival.
Supreme Court declined to grant Davis a stay on a federal judge's injunction that would force her to issue marriage licenses to all comers.
He's announced a list of A-listers for next week that should be some strong competition for Colbert. And it won't work for every patient that catches his or her infection early: it's estimated that between 5 and 15 percent will be functionally cured and no longer need drug treatment.
Since phages occur naturally, and their therapeutic use is nearly a century old, it would be incredibly difficult for a drug company to patent a phage therapy cocktail as intellectual property.

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